Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hi, my name is Jordan. I'm a 40-something city girl learning to live in the country of upstate NY. I want to learn how to grow my own food, keep chickens, and eventually goats. This blog will be my story of mistakes and learning.

I've called the blog Blueberry Hills Homestead because this property of mine has two places, (one hill is lower than the house, by the driveway entrance and the other hill is the high point of my land), with highbush and wild blueberry bushes. The learning part of this is that I lived here for several months before someone told me that I have blueberries. And then 3 weeks ago (after 7 months of living here), I found many more bushes. They are old bushes. They haven't been maintained for maybe 10 years - many of them have trees growing through them. I've spent the last few weeks lopping and cutting, to give these shrubs some sun, so they can make berries!

Hopefully as time goes on, I'll make fewer mistakes and with the help of you, dear readers, become a country girl. Come with me. Let's go forward!