Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Snow

My diabolical plan to make the snow stop was to borrow a plow blade for my ATV.  So, here's NM (New Man) trying out the blade last weekend at the top of the driveway.  I had this idea that as soon as I got prepared for this snowy weather, it would stop snowing.  OK .... hear me up there?  It can stop snowing now!

It's coming up on two months with this guy and I'd been holding off on writing about it for fear of jinxing it.  He knows I write a blog, but has never seen it (a good decision, I think).  I've thought (but not too much) about how as soon as (literally 3 weeks after), I moved off the mountain and stopped being so desperate for a partner, one comes along.  I've never been in a relationship like this.  He lets me know during the day that he's thinking of me.  We talk a few times a day.  It's new stuff for me, and pretty cool.  I'll write more when I'm less concerned about jinxing it.

Desmond is still perking along, more or less OK.  He's still interested in food and his surroundings, has learned to get up sometimes when he falls, so I don't have to pick him up as much.  He's not too upset by living in the basement (he can't go up stairs and I can't carry him up and down). So we're in a holding pattern for now, until the next emergency happens.  He's such an easygoing dog!
 Maggie jumps over the piled-up snow, but Desmond's world got smaller when the snow piles got too high for me to dig a path through them.
Top of the driveway looking down to the road and the pond across the street.  I was a little terrified of sliding down the hill, but my new car is heavy and all-wheel drive, so I haven't slipped even once on this hill.
And finally, the mailbox.  It's a little amusing to drive down the street and see people digging out their mailboxes.


  1. You sound rather content.. Content... Content... good feeling that is... and Spring is coming.. my mare has started shedding.. so I KNOW warmer weather is just around the bend..
    I quit plowing and plan to let it all just melt.. maybe.. lol
    My 2 year old likes the picture of your 4 wheeler.. said "like your wheels" and your doggy..
    Keep on keepin on
    Melanie in MN

  2. Oh gosh, the mailbox....hang in there! We're more than half-way through winter!!!