Saturday, November 19, 2011

Midway through

I'm pretty proud of myself right now.  The new toilet is in and works fine.  There were only a few moments of, "uh oh, what do I do now," when I couldn't shut off the water to the toilet so I shut off the water to the whole room.  But the valve still leaked, drip, drip, drippety, drippety drip, and I had to make a fast trip to the hardware store to get new shutoff valves.  That's a retro corningware thing sitting on the floor to catch water.

The white toilet definitely does not match the decor of the room.  I hope it's one of those things where a guest will say, "I love what you've done with this room," and I point out all the mistakes I made (because they're too minor to be noticeable).  I could have taken the time to order a matchy matchy toilet - but I didn't, because I'm impatient.

Or maybe not that impatient.  A plumber came over this morning to look at repairing the pipes where one burst this past January.  Yep, 10 months ago.  I haven't had heat in 1/3 of the house for 10 months.  So, I'll get this bathroom all nice and pretty, and guests will say, "It's COLD in here!"  They just might not notice that the toilet doesn't match because they're freezing.

We'll see how it all looks when I get the new vanity in.  It's sitting in the living room right now.  I'll wait until the hardware store opens tomorrow before I disconnect the water to the sink - I want to be able to make another fast trip if necessary!

See those two nice, round holes in the wall?  They're investigatory holes because I was planning on putting a medicine cabinet in the wall.  And then I found a stud right between the two  holes.  I may go with a simple mirror, rather than cut a stud to put a medicine cabinet in.  It's really not that important.  In fact - I can put the old mirror back up over the holes and put the whole decision off until some future date.  See, I can be patient!


  1. I just did a bathroom remodel including taking the toilet off, replacing the ring & disconnecting / reconnecting the water. The hardest thing I did in there! The pictures in the Do-It-Yourself books are VERY misleading as they make it look like you can do it in like fifteen minutes! Congrats on your toilet re-install.

  2. WE're getting ready to do a kitchen. Different friends have gone to auctions and purchased entire kitchens of cabinets at great prices, but then they just move walls and make everything fit. We have to have it fit the space we have, so we are ordering them. Sometimes you cut the studs, and just do stuff and sometimes you make it work!! Your job so far looks good!