Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going Away and Coming back

Funny how life goes in circles sometimes.  When I moved to the city, I knew I wasn't going to lose lessons I learned in the hills, but I never thought about how things would evolve and circle back onto themselves.  Here are two examples of homesteading skills I taught myself last year that I'm thankful I have.

A few months ago I made jerky with some venison NM brought over.  It was such a hit that it's become a regular request. Here's the latest four pounds of venison on the way to the jerky marinade and dehydrator.

On our Saturday furniture-picking-up trip to Vermont we drove right past the dairy I bought raw milk from last year. I'd been thinking about making cheese, and couldn't resist the siren call of that raw milk. But first, a cheese press (my last one was utterly dependent on using a certain windowsill at a certain country house as the end of a lever). NM just happened to have some corian solid countertop material laying around. We did some cuttin' and some drillin' on Sunday, and ta daaah, a new cheese press. So here I am, (ahem) working from home while cultures ripen on the stove in front of me. In three months it'll be cheddar cheese!

Mom, dad, remember these glasses with the balls on the bottom?  I love 'em so much I keep them out on the counter.

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