Saturday, December 11, 2010


Nothing important to say, just a bit of this and that. This picture is from the top of the hill looking down to the road (and the pond!).  The turnaround is behind me.

There was a business card in my mailbox yesterday, from the guy that plowed the previous owner's driveway (for, like 45 years!).  I had been avoiding thinking about snow removal, being very uninterested in buying another piece of big equipment, like a snowblower or plow.  My suburban driveway is about four times longer than my country driveway (and on a hill, and with a turnaround), so my country solution (drive on top of the snow) wasn't going to work.  I completely lucked out when this business card presented itself before any snow presented itself!  Talked to the guy today and we have an agreement.  Whew! Bullet dodged.

I spent most of last week favoring my right side, where one of my ribs hurt from the accident.  So Friday it boomeranged, and now my back and shoulder are killing me because I've been so unbalanced.  Grr.  No more meds.  The hotpad and some aspirin is all I can do.  It's a message that I didn't slow down enough after the accident.  I was asked multiple times if I took time off work.  Yeah, Saturday and Sunday!

Found out what the insurance settlement will be for the Scion.  Nowhere near enough to buy a replacement.  I started thinking about what I would get if I traded in the truck and used the Scion check, but the things I'm looking at would require a bit more on top.  It occurs to me that the best thing to do is keep the truck, at least until my country house sells.  I don't want to drive the freakin' huge truck as my main vehicle, but would be kicking myself if I wanted to, say, move stuff from house to house and I didn't have a truck!  Plus, with multiple mortgage payments, spending money on a car is kindof the last thing I should do.  Sigh.

Desmond is losing patience with his basement arrangement.  One option that Sue suggested, is for me to contact the rescue agency I got him from to see if they think it's better for him to go somewhere else, or stay here.  There are arguments both ways.  One good thing is that the invisible fence was installed on Wednesday. Maggie got it right away, so she can run free.  But Desmond can't hear the warning beeps and doesn't really see the warning flags (I don't think).  I gave them a trial where I walked down the hill to the mailbox and they didn't try to follow (good dogs!). Tomorrow I'll try driving away for a short bit to see how they act.  If it works, then they can be outside while I'm at work, with the garage for a warmish place.  That should go a long way towards giving Desmond some peace (because all day outside will make him tired enough so that sleeping in the basement will seem like a fine thing to do), and Maggie some exercise. That's the theory anyway.


  1. Your picture makes it look like it's still very much fall by you. No snow yet? Good thing you're going to keep your driveway plowed. I can see you sliding down the hill and right into the pond! (Just kidding. But it might be really exciting before you could stop!)

    If you can get it arranged so Desmond (and Maggie) can be outside all day in the fresh air I'm betting he would gladly conk out at night in the warm basement. I hope you don't have to give him up for his last days. But if that seems best, that's the way to go. He's been a lucky fella being with you.

  2. No snow down here in the 'burbs yet, but the house in the hill has about 5 or so inches. You've got enough winter for all of us!

  3. Wow...I'm shocked that they didn't give you replacement value on the Scion. (I'm assuming the other drivers insurance gave you the offer?) Do you have any recourse?

  4. You do have an attorney, right? Never, NEVER take the insurance company's first offer!

  5. It's about $1000 short of being able to buy the same car with the same mileage. Their estimate looks pretty official, even has comparables and everything. (Of course, if I have to buy a car, I'm not going to buy the same one. I'm going to buy a younger car.) Thanks for the comment Lisa - I hate when I find something out after I've already screwed up and done something else!