Monday, December 27, 2010


I fell asleep early last night, reading the Grapes of Wrath (I know that reading in bed has dangers of falling asleep, but I still do it.  Go figure.), and woke up to this.  To get a sense of scale, the snow is approaching 2 feet on this railing. 

In my few waking moments through the night, I thought about shoveling the driveway and getting to work, but realized this morning that that will be impossible.  Gotta wait for plow guy to clear the driveway.  I waited until the moderately reasonable 7am to call plow guy's house, where his wife says he'll be out - sometime this morning.

It's still snowing.  Beautiful, white, fluffy flakes.  I didn't think (last Wednesday) to bring my work laptop home, so I'm stuck here, thinking that this is a real snow day.  Time to realize that I've done everything I can do for now and relax and enjoy, just like in school.  Wonder if I want to go out with the dogs and make some snow angels.  More likely I'll make some hot chocolate, put real marshmallows in it, and open the book.


  1. Enjoy your day, Jordan. I don't know WHAT we have to do to get a day like yours anymore. Northern Minnesota and we haven't had a good snow all year. Everything goes south of us in the state. Just ain't right, I tell ya, just ain't right!

  2. My youngest saw this picture and said, "NO FAIR! No fair, no fair, no fair!" Then, "Can we go visit Aunt Jordan now?"

    Ah, the childhood trauma of growing up in a snowless place.

  3. Jordan, one trick we long time city dwellers figured out was park your car facing the road close to the end of the driveway, just off the road. Then you can get out easier if you have to.

    But a snow day from work does sound better.