Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Less Campy

Partial list of things that I picked up from the old house yesterday after work. I totally need lists these days or I'd forget something... like the cat.

-shoe rack
-table from porch
-wire shelves from 2nd flr BR

Yup, I left Sparky to fend for himself for a few days while me and the dogs learned our way around the new spread.  He didn't like the ride at all (not much of a travelin' cat I guess), but he got happy as soon as he saw his doggy friends at the new place.  He's being a bit clingy.  I guess several days alone will do that, even for a cat.

We got the refrigerator TO the new house on Sunday, but weren't successful at getting it up the stairs to the kitchen, so I hired movers to do a fridge switcheroo this morning.  Old fridge downstairs ... new fridge upstairs. After a week of having no usable refrigerator, I'm pretty excited to have normal, cold food, like everyone else in the civilized world.  Now I only need to get a working oven and a stove with more than one working burner.  Baby steps, I guess.  I'm so happy about saving an hour a day of driving that I won't even complain.

The cable company is coming on Saturday to give me fast internet.  I REFUSE to pay for television (one thing living on the mountain has taught me.  The digital antenna I have still works and I can get all the same TV stations I had before.  Free. ), but the internet I'm getting is going to be super fast.  I'm half expecting the cable company to find some reason not to be able to sell me internet, but if it works, my internet will be something like 30 times faster than it was before (and $10 a month cheaper).  I'll be able to watch all those cable shows I refuse to pay to watch on TV ... online.  And YouTube?  I've completely missed the YouTube revolution.  I want to watch all the videos of firefighters that I've heard so much about through firefighter training.

Then, next week the invisible fence peeps are coming and I'll be able to retrain the dogs to the fence.  Maggie will get it quickly and earn herself free rein around the yard, but Desmond, who can't hear the warning beeps, may have to continue to be walked, if he's to stay on the property.  Not such a bad thing for me, ... or him.

Every little improvement makes it feel less like camping here and more like living. I'm even contemplating bringing over the propane stove for when I pull out this '60s thing I'm cooking on.  How's that for camping?


  1. Jordan, Sounds like things are coming together nicely for you .... and the pets too! It must be oh so nice to have the extra time now that the trip to work is shorter. Good for you! Get that Country Place sold and you are good to go!

  2. A good site I like to watch is Cast TV ( I watched this seasons Trueblood on it free while friends paid. (Hee hee)