Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Maggie's Place

I finally cleared up enough of the moving piles to be able to take a not-so-awful picture of the current scene. I'm sortof camping in one of the front rooms for now.  It's 20+ feet downhill to the road and there's a pond on the other side.  The view at night is beautiful, with glimpses through the trees of lights reflecting off water

Maggie has calmed down a bit since there's something soft for her to lay on that's close to me, and I've calmed down a bit since Desmond isn't acting like he's being tortured by being kept in the basement.  He doesn't love it, but he's not whining or barking or anything that would really break my heart. It helps that we have together time and he gets sensory stimulation on our walks around the yard.  I'm not taking them down the driveway for a real walk down the road, because I don't want to confuse them when the invisible fence gets put in and the driveway and road will be off limits. We walk around and around the yard.

One thing Desmond's good at that I never taught Maggie is pooping on cue.  He must've been leash walked in a prior life, because he's fallen right back into the poop rhythm.  I think Maggie used to do her business in the rough areas at the other house, and since we aren't walking in the rough, she doesn't poop outside.  Her system hasn't yet caught up to the fact that she's got several short windows of opportunity to poop.  Good thing the basement floor is concrete!  Unfortunately, even though I've blocked off half the basement, it's still large enough for her to find a place away from the "living area" to leave me little poopy presents.

What this all means is that Maggie's place right now while I'm at work, is in a crate.  She never grew to like that thing, so she thinks she's being tortured.  I'm hoping that a few days will be enough for her to start leaving the poopy presents outside, where they belong.

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