Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The stress of the past few months has finally caught up with me and I feel like crap.  Achy sore, tired, worn out, scratchy, hurty throat.  I went to bed crazy early last night and wrapped myself in the blanket cocoon and read for a bit before going to sleep early.  Looking forward to doing that tonight, too.

You see - on top of all the other stress and stuff, I was hoping that the new house would close tomorrow and I'd have the long weekend to start moving in. 

It wasn't so far-fetched.  The close date was scheduled to be Monday, just one business day later.  However, for underwriting purposes, the funding bank has to treat everyone like they're a potential liar and make us document everything.  Perfectly.  Perfectly perfectly.  Something wasn't perfect enough and I had to produce a statement on one of my 401(k) accounts after I'd already closed the account and moved the money.  (It gets better.  They had pages 1-3 with all the balances, but want and don't have pages 4-7 with all the junk on it.)  Unfortunately, Vanguard will NOT email statements to people who don't have open accounts.  I tried multiple times.  They will only mail paper, and it will take 7-10 days for me to receive it.  This means that not only will we miss my want-to-move-in day, we will also miss the scheduled closing day.  This house could close in December because the bank wants pages 4-7 of a statement where they already have the pages with the good stuff.  I've sent them two other complete statements that include the junk pages, but it's not good enough for them.

Up until yesterday afternoon I was trying very hard to make the closing happen this week, but when the bank called me yesterday afternoon requesting something more, I gave up.  They're saying stuff doesn't show ownership when the account numbers are right there!  I surrender.  Immediately after I gave up, I started sneezing.

I completely believe that my cold and flu load depends on a large extent on my mental, emotional and stress level.  Even though it's been a stressful few months, I never felt so overwhelmed as I felt yesterday afternoon (except for one, lousy, loud night spent listening to my neighbor's noise and worrying for my safety).

Anyway - I had the refrigerator mostly empty (because I don't know if the 40-year old fridge in the new place even works!).  But yesterday after I gave up, I stopped at the grocery store and bought enough food to get through the weekend.  I've packed enough to get me started at the new place and left unpacked enough for me to stay here a while longer.  I'm in limbo.

I brought the truck into the shop this morning.  Again.  According to them, it's a water pump and a few other pricey things.  I've been worried about this old thing and the best way to make sure it'll help me move is to get it fixed at the shop.  Again.  In the 2 years I've had it, this truck has seemingly spent more time at the shop than taking me places.  I made the decision this morning to sell it.  I got this huge truck to haul goats, and if I'm not going to do that, this truck is about 10 times too big for me. Not to mention the constant, "is it going to get me all the way to where I'm going?" stress that I don't want.

To end on a good note, my new roof is about halfway on.  Yes, roof, truck, and house (multiple houses!) are putting a big strain on the bank accounts.  But I think they'll be OK.  Believe it or not, money is the one thing I'm not worried about! (probably just too low on the list!)


  1. Jordan,
    UGGGG... I remember all to well the complicated mess of closing on my house and it has been 17 years.. I still get the shakes when I think about it.. Hopefully it will happen soon..and go smoother.. streamlining your life and transportation sounds like a wise thing to do.. I hope you feel better soon.. warm doggies, a fire, good book, some chicken soup and rest.. take care of you..
    I on the other hand an going back outside to shovel MORE FREAKING DARN snow.. SOMEHOW I got low on diapers for the baby and milk for the other kids and have to go to town and pick up my brothers little dogs that my dad is sick of watching, well his wife is sick of them..lol..((sigh)) family drama..
    Take care and get better..
    Melanie in MN

  2. Hey, and you won't need that truck to get up the snowy hill to your old house much longer, so off it goes!! It will be freeing to you, like purging your house of stuff you're not really sure why you have!!