Sunday, November 28, 2010

Domestic Bliss

This seems like the first opportunity I've had in a long time to choose the time option over the money option when given the eternal choice of whether to spend time or spend money to get something done.  The long Thanksgiving weekend, combined with me not going anywhere special has meant that I've had time to run load after load back and forth to the new house.

I put it off as long as reasonably possible, but finally brought the dogs to the new house and we all spent the night here last night. I suspected it would be stressful for the dogs (and probably me, too).  Desmond, who avoided the "final"vet visit when he perked up immensely after I started feeding him more treats is now living in the basement, because I can't carry him up the stairs into the living quarters.  And Maggie has never really lived anywhere but in the country where it's quiet and there are no cars.

So Maggie has this constant walking around and whining thing going on.  When a car goes by.  When geese honk, when sirens and other normal city noises happen.  We've all gone out umpteen times (it's back on the leash for everyone) because I've thought she had to, you know, poop.  Of course I missed the actual time she had to poop (because it was about 10 minutes after we'd all come inside), so she did her business in the basement.  So did Desmond.  Frabjous.  Just frabjous. My dogs have both forgotten that they're house trained.  Surprisingly, Desmond doesn't seem too bothered by being in the basement, which I was feeling incredibly worried and guilty about. 

I gave up on the refrigerator and unplugged it.  You don't really appreciate those things until you don't have one!  I'm only heating part of the house, so I've got the essentials (eggs, bacon, half and half) sitting in a bag in a cold part of the house.  It's only for today, thank goodness!  Someone is going to help me move a real bed and my fridge from the other house sometime later today, and I'll feel less and less like I'm camping in my house as time goes on.

I hope the dogs feel that way, too!

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