Sunday, November 28, 2010

Country Bumpkins

I went to the old house earlier today to get some things I had forgotten (paper towels, sponges, a trash can, pet odor eliminator, some sneakers, dish soap, hand soap, the TV remote, a duvet, some bath towels, a bathroom rug).  You know, just a thing or two.

I passed my normal gas station on the way back, thinking that it'd be easier to get gas tomorrow when there aren't two dogs in the car.  But then I realized that it's going to get mighty cold tonight and the car likes having more gas in it when it tries to start on a cold winter morning.  So I drove a block past my new house and got gas on a main thoroughfare.

There I was, standing by the car putting gas into it when I noticed a commotion in the car.  Both dogs were excited by all the "ruckus" outside (ie, cars driving by).  That's when I realized that my dogs are country bumpkins.  On my country road, every single car is cause for barking and guarding.  So here, closer to the city, they're doing familiar behaviors.  Something tells me they'll get tired of this rather soon.

I hope.

1 comment:

  1. Doggy culture shock!

    When our dog was young, we quickly realized we weren't socializing her enough because when she got off the homestead, she was absolutely beside herself (practically turned herself inside out) seeing ALL THE PEOPLE! So little time, so many people to play with me!!