Monday, January 24, 2011

Amazing, I Know

But on the coldest morning in umpteen years (-14 on the way to work. Thirty degrees colder than normal for those of us keeping track), everything is OK.  All my animals are alive and healthy and at home.  All the systems I use to live, like the shower, the sink, the stove, the boiler and the car are working as they should.  I breathed (brothe?) a big sigh of relief this morning and was very thankful.

Maggie makes herself a nest in the snow and sits for hours (in this weather it's more like minutes) watching for deer.  Like this one who showed up outside the bedroom window on Saturday afternoon.  Since Maggie was keeping vigil on the other side of the house, she missed him entirely.

It's indescribable how much calmer I am now that I am back in the city.  Some aspects of the homesteading dream are still there, but are sleeping for now, while I thrill at being able to be at a restaurant in 5 minutes instead of 45.  I've been reading the travails of another solo female homesteader, frozen pipes, nonworking vehicle, dead animals, afraid to leave the 'stead for fear of a catastrophe, but afraid to skip work for fear of losing a job.  I remember the feeling, reeling from the body blows of solo country living and I'm glad I don't feel those now, in this sub-zero weather.  Thankful I am.  Yes, thankful.


  1. Just more to cement the fact that you made the right decision for you. Isn't it great when it works out that way?

    You've got a good bit of snow there! Lovely deer. Lovely Maggie. We used to have a Bouvier that sat outside all day on a snowdrift surveying his homestead.

  2. I just read that post about things not going very well for a single girl homesteader also and thought to myself: Glad that is not me!!! Bet you were thinking the same thing. Nice that you are more relaxed now. I really cannot imagine doing all of that on one's own. A partner would be a blessing for sure. Try to stay warm!

  3. I never had problems as hard as she's having now, but then, I spent hours and hours worrying about every little detail in advance so bad things wouldn't happen. It's a bad time now vs bad time later issue. Yes - I'm waay glad it's not me!