Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bundt Cake Anyone?

I'm such a resourceful person!  Snow season caught me a little flat-footed, and I successfully repurposed whatever was lying around in service for spreading salt on the driveway hill.  Since I've never in my adult life (or childhood life) made a bundt cake, I doubt I'll miss this cake pan in the kitchen.  Or maybe an extremely important Bundt cake event is coming up soon!

I swear this winter has been the coldest, snowiest that I remember.  Even colder than my first winter on the mountain, two years ago, where my power was out for 3 days.  This winter, I've got a small, plastic shovel that I'm using to clear my 250 feet of driveway and the hill.  Yeah, it's not working well.  Maybe because I've gotten something like 4 feet of snow this month, in snowstorms that seem to be coming two a week.

I've got a plan though, to attach a borrowed plow blade to my ATV. Crossing fingers that we can get that done this weekend.

Where would we be if things that we thought were fixed didn't keep on breaking? Being relaxed and calm is overrated (ha!).  I came home from work yesterday afternoon to a very cold house and a nonworking boiler.  Aside from being in the same (boiler) system, this failure is completely different than Sunday's failure.  A similarity though?  Both required an emergency call to the fuel company and scrapping any other plans.  Here are the repairman and the new dude.  At least yesterday's emergency call came at a reasonable hour!

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