Thursday, October 21, 2010

City Stuff

Ma Mere is still here, and I'm really glad about it.  When she was here in the summer, I don't think we went off the property much, except to hit the hardware store and the dump.  This time, I'm showing her more of the surroundings.

Last weekend, we went to Hudson, a walky, shoppy town a bit south of here on the (ahem) Hudson River. It was full of New York City types and expensive antique furniture, but a nice trip anyway.  I'll give you two tries to guess what I was most interested in.  Here's a clue: it's red.  Another clue: it's to the right of this picture, and hidden inside a building.

We honked around Troy and Albany on Tuesday, and may head back in this weekend.  As I've mentioned before, this is an either/or thing.  Either city stuff OR country stuff.  I live too far out to do both.  (Oh sure, I could do both as I have tried this past 2 years, but it's both ... badly and neither thing well.) So we're dropping country stuff this visit, in favor of seeing the city a bit more. 

I spoke with a friend today who raised sheep in the past.  She processed the wool all the way from her sheep through shearing, washing, carding, spinning and weaving, into a dress.  She lives in one of the river industrial towns north of Albany now, and understands *exactly* how I feel.  She raised her children in the country, but after her nest emptied and she was alone, made a choice to give up the country for the city about 10-15 years ago and hasn't looked back.

Here's gramma using high tech to talk to the chilluns from home...  Hi kids!

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  1. Hudson! I was born in Hudson and lived there for 18 years. NONE of the NYC antique folks were there then. I've lived in Virginia since 1973.

    In the early 1900's, my grandparents came there from Poland, met, and got married. They bought a 175 acre farm in Elizaville, on White Oak Road. That's been sold for about 30 years now, but the old "never painted" barns are still there.

    I think what you did was wonderful! Look at the knowlege you gained through your life experiences! It's great! Enjoy yourself with whatever it is that you now want to do.

    I wish you the best of luck and happiness.
    Take Care,

    Veggie PAK