Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In a Better Place

The chickens have moved on.  They're in a better place now.

Not THAT better place!  Nope, these hens are at Casa Wee Farm where they're gamboling with Melanie's other chickens and having a gay ole time free ranging and doing other chicken stuff.  It's down to 1 female, 1 cat and 2 dogs at the 'stead.

No leaves left, up here on the mountain.  Leaves are at their peak down in the valley though.  Later this week, Mom and I will head downhill for another afternoon of civilized city stuff and leaf peeping.


  1. Must be awful quiet up there...have you and your mom gone into Williamstown? The Clark museum is a must-see, and there is a fabulous Thai restaurant, if you're an enthusiast.

  2. Waaahh! I feel like we're losing you, Jordan! But that's strictly my selfish point of view. I'll try to become more mature in a minute here.

    I know you've been doing some serious soul searching and are making the best decisions for yourself and not what anyone else thinks you should do. And that's for the very best.

    Keep us up to date. Sending good thoughts your way.

  3. It's OK Mama Pea! I need to do this slower. I need to honor my past and my experience a bit more and not totally ignore where I feel comfortable. I jumped in with both feet and thought I could just push my way to where I want to go, even though I had no idea of what I was doing and it's extremely difficult to do alone. I'm not going away, even though I might not be exactly *here*.

  4. Don't let her fool you, Mama Pea...she just wants to start with little chickies in the Spring....now that she has chicken wrasslin' down...

  5. You are keeping that great tractor you built, right??