Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Notes From the Universe

I was reading Hope Dies Last the other day and saw this thought-provoking thing:

She started her post with this phrase, "A couple of weeks ago  The Universe sent me this note:"

Curious about how The Universe sends emails, I followed the link, read a bit, and then signed up to get emails from The Universe myself. I kinda believe that my thoughts have an impact on my life, so a daily reminder to think constructively is a good thing.

Here's the email I got yesterday morning from The Universe:

Simply put, Jordan, the reason there are things you want that have not yet appeared in your life, is because you're just not used to thinking of yourself with them.

Sorry, kind of wish it was more complicated.

A tiny bit of fluff, but useful for me, especially right now when I'm tempted to get caught up in negative thinking.  Another blogger, Julie, from 47 and Starting Over had this to say last week:

So Dr. Penny has been telling me for years...YEARS....that I have to change my thinking in order to change my life.

I hate it when that b*** is right. LOL She NEVER lets me forget it.

Seriously though.... 

I finally took her advice. And I changed my actions. I stopped "wanting" what I didn't have, I stopped the constant barrage of negative, toxic thoughts (read more of her blog post here).

Pretty cool, huh? 

I'm so questioning everything these days that ALL options are on the table, except continue things exactly the way they were.  I don't feel safe alone out here any more.  Maybe I'll stay in the country and get a roommate or rent the place out and move closer in, or sell the place and move closer in.  My dreams of homesteading were not because I've always dreamed of homesteading, but were to enable me to quit the corporate life.  I see now how superhuman of an effort that would have been.  I don't know if my plan would have ever allowed me to quit corporate life.  I think I'll come back to parts of homesteading (good lord, I have a room full of raw fiber that needs to be spun and now that I know how to make cheese, I'm never going to stop!), but as long as I am alone, I have to consider other options that allow me to get my needs met.  Homesteading is a want, not a need. 

My company has recently merged with another chemical company.  My boss has been incredibly understanding of me being essentially half an engineer for the last two years while I gave most my mental energy and all my emotional energy to trying to make it in the woods. We spoke today and I let him know that I'm back in.  I'm coming back to work, at least more than I have been for a while.


  1. Yup, the simple life is anything but simple.

  2. Jordan,
    I know you do not know me from Adam.. and I am PROBABLY speaking out of turn (as my grandmother would say) And please forgive me if I am....but I read your blog a few months ago from beginning to current -like a book- and what I HOPE is that this is not a "knee Jerk" reaction to current circumstances.
    You TRULY and DEEPLY seemed to love the life you are living and I would hate to see you walk away from that.. or rather let Penny and Coco's death and the grief drive you away from it.
    I Believe you CAN have a goat/homestead centered life if it is truly what you desire.
    It is remarkable what you can do with a life when you have no choice/way to run from it.. I have had MANY DEEP TRAUMATIC hardships in the life I am living and I SWEAR SWEAR SWEAR on my best friends grave that I would not trade them or this life TODAY for any other life.. at the time I would have run fast and far if I could have.. but TODAY.. I am glad that life and the Universe did not give me any outs.
    If you do decide on a path that is not the one you are on now.. I hope it is a happy one.. I hope your mom brings great counsel..but truly I hope the spirits of Penny and Coco guide you back to a life with goats.. and I will keep reading as long as you blog.. but most of all I wish you PEACE and HAPPINESS.. but a peace and happiness that is well thought out and not a willy nilly mad dash desperate escape from grief and crazy neighbors.
    OK.OK. I said my piece to someone who does not know me and probably does not value my opinion but I have enjoyed your blog and it has enriched my days and life and I only wish you the absolute BEST in everything.

  3. sometimes you just have to try different things to see what works and what's important. Things I'd like to do will not put enough food on my table, nor pay the college bills of my first 2 students. So now it's time for a paying job again and the fun stuff on the side. But I have enjoyed lots of baking, especially bread, during my unemployment, and after I get my schedule in the groove, I'll be doing it again...and the sewing will come and the other stuff...the stuff that I feel is important will find space in my life... keep making cheese, perhaps do a little property shopping...maybe a new neighborhood would make the difference. It's hard to know where the fit will be good. Perhaps a rental would give you a chance to get a feel for the place. Maybe the DOG LADY next door has a wicked friend who's looking for a great house!! Or fight for what you want and if you love the house, stick it out.

  4. Sparkless - truisms exist for a reason, and that's definitely a good one that applies here.

    Melanie - I may not know you from Adam, but I DO value your opinion. Thanks for giving it! My mother is doing a good job of challenging all my desires to go anywhere willy nilly and helping me to think out what's really going on. One of those things is how intelligent (or not intelligent) of a decision it was for me, a city girl, to move so far out into the country alone. She wants me to stay anyway - we'll see.

    Karen Sue - glad you had a chance to be a 'woman of leisure' at least for a little while!