Saturday, October 2, 2010


I'm really disturbed.  When I came home from firefighter training, the neighbor drove up the hill to ask me not to call the dogcatcher today while she tries to train her dogs.  We ended up yelling and talking for something like 1/2 an hour.  She still doesn't think her dog killed my goats.  She still thinks I am being incredibly not country savvy and kept on asking me over and over why I was starting trouble.  She told me that I don't like the way her dogs look, I don't like her roommate, all stuff she pretty much made up out of thin air. She gave me advice on how to keep animals safe.

When I told her that she had a court order to keep her dogs on her property and she should just do it, she called me a b***h and a c**t, came up close to me, waggled her finger in my face, told me I had no idea what I was in for,  because she put her dad in a nursing home and was back living in her house full time.  She told me that there's no guarantee of peace and quiet when you live in the country and she can do whatever she damn well pleases on her property and I better get used to it.

I'm obviously much less happy than I was an hour ago.  I wish I could transport myself to another place where I don't live next door to a hilbilly nutcase, where people are sane and I don't have a whole load of crap to look forward to.


  1. I'm sorry. Apparently living in the country also attracts those people that CAN'T live among others not just those who'd prefer not to. I think she's borderline crazy.

  2. Jordan,
    ummmm... speaking from personal experience of having nutty neighbors- seems to be time for you to be pro-active. A small personal voice activated recording device for such encounters = $40.00. Time spent looking up NY laws on recording conversations for use in court- PRICELESS and time well spent. In MN what she has said is considered to be Terroristic (sic) Threats and is grounds for a restraining order and most of the time these things will shock these crazies into just slinking back into their crazy hole and leaving you alone.
    An outdoor wildlife camera would be another wise investment $147.00 worth of PEACE OF MIND.
    I am nobody you know.. but I am someone who has been on the receiving end of hilbilly nutcase neighbors who have told me what I had better watch out for just because I explained to them that I had a right to live peacefully on my own 60 acres.
    Take care of yourself.. Target practice OFTEN and put her dogs in the shed next time they show up.. and sleep well.. Living well is the BEST revenge..
    Melanie in MN

  3. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, she had the balls to call you those names TO YOUR FACE? *Especially* the c-word . . . which is pretty much the most evil thing you can EVER call a woman!

    I know you don't want to seem like a pesky person, but I would CALL THE POLICE STATION AND FILE A REPORT! NOW! Today!

    You don't have to file any legal papers . . . just get the complaint REGISTERED and IN THEIR FILES!

    Holy crap. I am SOOO sorry!


  4. Just read Melanie's post, and, YES, go out TODAY and buy a "trail camera". I don't know why none of us thought of this sooner!! (Yeah, Melanie!!)

    Put it on a tree located where you know her dogs will (most likely) walk by if /when they come onto your property. If you make sure that the camera is ON your property, then that proof (digital image) is enough to show she's violated the court order to keep her dogs away from you & yours.

  5. I agree with the above comments. Don't try to handle this yourself. You're not dealing with rationality. File a report with law enforcement immediately. Ask them if you should put her dog(s) in your shed (and what to do next . . . legally) when they show up next time.

    Continue contacting law enforcement each and every encounter you have with her. This needs to be documented.

    Try to divorce yourself from it all (easier said than done, I know) except for the extent of contacting the law. Keep saying over to yourself, "This isn't my problem to handle. I will turn all information over to the law and they will do their duty."

    She knows she is in the wrong and feels she can scare you into believing her lies by intimidation. I think she's scary. She will make your life as miserable as she can get away with. Let law enforcement know how vile and borderline crazy she is acting. When you talk to them, I think you should relay your fears and ask how they recommend you handle the situation. Put the responsibility of dealing with this crazy woman on their shoulders. There is no reason you should have to put up with this. Period.

  6. Thanks for the advice guys! I will take much of it. Now I'm sitting at home listening to the loud music she's blasting in my direction and feeling a bit besieged. She's really putting an effort into busting my peace. Trouble is, there's no noise ordinance in my town and what she's doing is legal. If it's still playing at midnight, I'll call the cops about her disturbing the peace and they can talk to her but not ticket her.

  7. Welll, I'm actually scared to call the cops. Every time I have, all twice, she's come and confronted me sooner or later. So here I am alone on a Saturday night, a little terrified of what could happen. I guess that means she gets exactly what she wants, but I'm pretty vulnerable being alone and all, way out here.

  8. Again speaking with the voice of experience a voice recorder would protect you and give you at least proof you need to get the police involved. A voice recording may not (or it may be I do not know NY lays) be admissible in court but IMAGINE the reaction of the cops listening to her ranting and threats on tape. Get your ducks in a row and do what you have to do to stay safe and get on with your life. Idiots like her COUNT on your fear to keep you isolated and alone so she can keep doing what she wants to do. Also, she cannot keep up this level of pressure because it is WORK for her and it will become too much work for her soon enough.. at least at this level.
    I am alone way out here 95% of the time in the middle of nowhere with 3 kids and have cameras, recorders, dogs and guns and have crazy neighbors and learned that I must not fear their reaction to me living my life and protection my family and farm and you must not either.
    Dig in this weekend.. stay safe.. get prepared and get on with your life.. do not let her paralyze you with fear.
    Living well is the best revenge.
    Take care, Stay Safe

  9. Thanks - that's really helpful. I'd been thinking that she has to stop sometime to sleep, but the music's been full blast for 12 hours and the sun is rising now. I was beginning to think that she could just do it forever.

  10. I have a new idea. Security camera+recorder+ someone to stay here so I'm not alone. Anybody know someone relatively trustworthy, someone not afraid of confrontation interested in coming to the woods?

  11. By you not notifying the police, she is getting exactly what she wants. She knows that by accosting (intimidating) you, you will hesitate to contact the law the next time. She's winning. You're feeling terrified of what could happen and that's exactly what she wants. By you not informing the law, they have no idea what a nut job this woman is. You need them to be aware of the situation in order for them to understand you need their protection.

    Regarding the music/noise, isn't there anyone else living in the area that can hear this blatant attempt to antagonize you? Doesn't it bother anyone else? There may not be a noise ordinance in your area, but seems to me this would fall under her continued attempt at harassment that the cops should know about. It's more than playing loud music.

    I know it's easy for us (not living your current hell) to give advice to you on how you should or shouldn't handle the situation. Bottom line: You've got to do what feels best to you. Sending you thoughts and prayers that this all magically goes away soon. If only, huh?

  12. You're right Mama Pea. I just called the cops.

  13. Good girl! She is NOT going to win.

    I'd love for all of us supporting you to be able to come live with you for a week or so and any time we knew Nut Case was home, we could walk or drive up and down, up and down the road past her place going very slowly and giving her the evil eye the whole time. We wouldn't have to say a word or do anything bad but just let our presence be known and give her something to think about. Gosh, that would be fun! And think of all the good food we could create and eat(!) for that week. Anybody know a good wholesale wine supply place we could stop at on the way to Jordan's? :o)

  14. Report made, including history of goats court order and yesterday's altercation. I asked the cop not to talk to her now, since 9am is perfectly legal to make noise. If it's still going on at 10pm, I warned the guy that I'm going to call back and ask them to talk to her. He listened to the noise that I find bothersome, and said that he wouldn't find it bothersome. However, his car was running and that covered up some of it, and he couldn't feel the bass thumping through the ground. This really is my pet peeve. I'll be the crazy lady brandishing a gun at people I deem too noisy.

    And Mama Pea, I'm at the end of the road, then her, then, 1/2 later is the next neighbor, which is why I don't think anyone else can hear it. I've wondered before on this blog if I should just learn to deal with it. If it's music alone, without the fear of safety for my animals and me, I would seriously consider it.

  15. Jordan, I've been lurking and reading this unfold - I'm so sorry. I don't have anything to offer in terms of how to solve this problem, besides knowing that you've got every right to be there.

  16. Thanks Yinda my yarling. The part that adds the most "bad" is me being alone and facing this by myself. In other news, the cop says he saw road signs indicating that she had a party last night with a live band. I'm contemplating a universe where she wasn't making noise just to harrass me, and it's a calmer universe than before. I'm still going to do the surveillance thing, but maybe ordering online would be OK instead of trying to get something set up *today*.

  17. Just a crazy suggestion, but you said you bought a gun a couple weeks ago, and you're out there with some property, right? Ever thought of trying some target practice? That might scare her hearing you shooting a gun! Just make sure your 500 feet from any buildings (except your own) and make sure you know what's behind your target!

  18. Yay, target practice! I shot off a few on Saturday. Need to buy more bullets. I think a few friends are going to come over soon and we'll do a little group lesson/practice.

  19. Ha! Great idea! Maybe it will cross Nut Case's mind, "Hmmm, maybe I pi$$ed her off enough she's gonna shoot first and ask questions later." (I know you wouldn't, but I'll bet it will give her food for thought!)