Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reassessing Reassessing

Over the past week I've had the chance to observe the page hits as someone has read my blog.  All of it.  From the beginning.  All 619 posts.  Since he's read page by page, I've seen post titles from things I posted a year ago flash by.  Posts like, "Reassessing," and "This is Not Working," and "Balance."  It's surprising how frequently I've written about trying to balance friendships and a social life with living out in the woods, and how I failed, bouncing from one extreme to the other, alternating being a hermit with being a social butterfly. Instructive.  I'm not really a hermit, but I did enjoy time alone in the woods, and I seem to have written a lot about it.

Melanie posted a post that shows some of my former chickens, being happy and doing their scratching thing.  That's one of the funnest things about owning chickens, watching them do the back and forth as they scratch and then back up to look at what they scratched up.  And I enjoyed listening to them making happy noises.  Chicken TV.  It's as good as cable, and cheaper. (cheeper?)

Sooner or later Blueberry Hills Homestead is going to move away from these hills.  If ongoing negotiations work out, it will be sooner, and I'll let you know when I have something concrete to say.  If not, it will be later, but it's gonna happen.  I'm looking for a place with some space that's closer to the places I want to spend my time.  Rather than live out in the woods and work extremely hard to get needs met, I can live closer in and work less hard. Took me a while to get here, but it makes more sense for this solo city girl to move closer to the city.  Plus, the city I'm looking at allows chickens!


  1. Jordan,
    Glad to see you making decisions that are making you happy! I stated in a previous comment that I also read your blog from beginning to current (kinda like a book) and am glad that the internet will allow you to bring your blog followers along with you on your new adventures. Living where I live has made it hard for me to make friends and have a social life.. people move on.... and I stay...
    It is SO Strange to feel invested in your blog/life... lol.. but I wish you all the best and hope you keep blogging and I will keep reading.. in between my own child raising,farming, spinning, crocheting, weaving, taking care of my mom...
    I look forward to all the future adventures of Blueberry Hills where ever it may originate from.
    Melanie in MN

  2. Excellent! Good work!

  3. Jordan, I think a lot of us who read your blog probably saw this move coming. I cannot imagine how you have gotten through all that you have, alone. It's a tough life even with a partner. Although I have a "partner" (DH), I am pursuing moving closer to town so that we can do more things like go to the movies, workout at the Y, see an AA baseball game, maybe do some coaching, etc. without having to spend most of the time traveling. DH is retired and it is time to do some fun things. Plus I would like to be closer to my quilting buddies. I hope you find what you are looking for and happiness to go with it. Will continue to follow your blog no matter what.

  4. I guess one of the upsides of not having a partner is that the only person you have to satisfy right now is yourself.

    BTW, I checked on the book, and they estimated delivery from 10-27 to 11-12, so it should still be on its way - hope you find it helpful.

  5. I can't believe you are giving up so easily. One or two set-backs and you're folding. Go back to the beginning of your blog. You were excited, had a purpose, a dream.. and because you had a couple of goats killed and can't find a man on the internet you are giving up? Too bad...........

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  7. Melanie - that's one aspect of homesteading alone that I had no idea would be so important - how difficult it is to make or keep friends because I'm so far out. I've since seen others (including Karen L above) say the same thing. Tack on the climate that is so much harsher than just 10 miles away, and the full-time job and long commute and it's a recipe for grief. Props for successfully doing what you do. I see how hard it is, now.

    Linda, I saw your comment - it was fine. Self-censoring, something anon didn't do. Too many people use the mantle of anonymity to be less than constructive. No more anonymous commenting.

  8. That was the nicest thing I could say at the time. The other versions weren't so much.

  9. Jordan- I'm glad you're coming up with a plan that will make you happier!

    I'd like to point out to the anonymous naysayers - there's a world of difference between "giving up" and "starting again closer to town." It sounds like you haven't given up on your ideas, you've just concluded that you need to pursue them closer to your a)day-job, b)community. NOT the same thing as "Giving Up"!

  10. anonymous...junky not can sell them your house with the threatening crazy dog, drinking, loud singing neighbors. As you said, you were trying to learn it all at once and it was too much to wrap yourself around. Some people don't want a partner, but you'd like one. You don't have a support group of friends right there cheering you one and helping you with the chickens and the fence and all of that stuff some country folks have. You'll make the decisions that are right for YOU and that is what matter.