Friday, October 29, 2010

Debating and Dreams

One of my weaknesses is that I enter into debates that smarter people know to avoid.  Here I go... knowing fully that if I were smarter, I would let this one go.  (against the advice of my mother, putting waders on and wading in)

I don't know who the anonymous commenter is.  I have two or three guesses, based on people I've had discussions with recently and over the past year.  I could be totally wrong and this could be someone new.

I think it's amusing that folks like this commenter who have only known me within the last year think that they can read a few blog posts and know who I am. And then lecture me about what my dreams are.

Twenty years ago I had a dream to be an environmental engineer so that I could save the environment.  I worked *very* hard for years and made that dream come true (not the saving the environment part unfortunately!), and then more clearly found out what's involved with being an actual environmental engineer working in the world.  Hint: it's more about lawyers and less about improving the world. 

I used to dream about having a job that would let me travel - and then that dream came true.  Too true.  Try traveling 90% of the time, with weekends for laundry and one week out of 10 spent at home.  Picture living a life like that.  And then know that I lived variants of that for years.  Years!  I actually loved it for much of that time.

Five years ago I had a dream to be a citizen of the world.  I wanted to live overseas so badly I could feel it in my gut.  I made that dream happen and after many very painful months in exotic locales realized how difficult that dream actually is to live. 

For years, I wanted very badly to live in New York City.  I never made that dream come true, but I lived in other large cities (and loved it).

The "dream" to homestead that the anonymous commenter chides me for 'giving up' was born in an apartment in the Middle East as I was daydreaming about being anywhere but in the Middle East.  It is inaccurate .. strike that.  It is totally wrong to assume that a dream I birthed mid-2007 is more important than any of the other dreams I worked for years to accomplish.

People read this blog that have known me for years, decades even.  Some people read this blog that have known me my entire life.  They are the ones that asked me privately, "what air did this 'homesteading' thing come out of?"

There are many folks that have been dreaming their entire lives about being a homesteader, and many who have been working very hard to make that dream come true. I am not one of those people.  My homesteading dream was very new and very uninformed, but I can truly appreciate those who've been working harder and longer than me, now that I've worked for 2 years on it. I am going to spend my money and my time in ways that can make a better difference in the world, farmer's markets, local initiatives, helping other people that are spending time tilling dirt, making cheese, knitting, spinning, cidering, gardening, etc. I am not going to throw any more energy into the pit that is my huge commute and my lonely, snowy mountain far away from friends.

To the anonymous commenter: Go put *your* dreams of homesteading onto someone for whom it is really appropriate.  My shoulders will not carry your dream for you.


  1. The anonymous commenter has not lived your feelings, needs, wants and desires. S/he has not walked in your shoes nor lived through your trials and tribulations which have affected the way you are presently feeling and thinking. A tad on the presumptuous side for any of us to judge, condemn or tell another one of us what to do.

    I've said it before, I give you heaps of credit for having the gumption to change your life in a way you think will be better for you.

  2. Or you could steer them over to our "friend" who does such a bang-up job of homesteading...hee-hee-hee...she could use the audience!

  3. I had to laugh when I read your first sentence, I "always" open mouth, insert foot. Tell it like it is sister!

    I think you've expressed yourself beautifully and I for one, will continue to read your blog regardless of if you're "homesteading" in NY or taking ice samples in Antarctica.

    You've got the gift...keep on posting please!

  4. You know what they say, be careful for what you wish - it may come true! It is a wonderful thing to have dreams - and half the adventure in life is chasing them. Sometimes they don't turn out to be quite what you had hoped, but there's nothing wrong about trying. Lots of people sit on their duffs, not daring to make a move - yet they feel free to judge others who are brave enough to take risks. It takes TIME to find what you truly want. It took me a looong time to find a way of life that I love. I took plenty of chances and followed lots of dreams to get there, and I learned something positive with every broken dream. I think that your decision to support aspects of your dream while being somewhere you are happier is just fine and dandy. Amen.

  5. I may not have read your entire Blog from the Beginning, but what I have read has been great! Your blogs are open, honest and easy to read and your Photo are excellent (Ever think Photography :) Your trials and tribulations, your successes and upsets have enlightened your readers over the last year and given us an insight to Homesteading by one's self.
    Thank You!
    I think it take more courage to self eval and change course than to stay the course for lack of confidence in one's ability to change (or worse because others don't want us to change).
    Good luck and have fun in your travels and please continue your blogging, even if it is about Six Sigma, Dealing with Dull Managers or Lawyers, SAP or anything else you may find unexciting. Your Writing is Always Enjoyed! And please don't forget to post your pictures, they are very very good.
    As for finding a partner, set your standards HIGH, as I think just an average 'joe' just would not be able to keep up with you!
    Good Luck, Fair Winds and Following Seas!

  6. Your most important life-project is--you! And from the sounds of it, you've been doing an amazing job. I look forward to reading how you incorporate everything you learned on your 25 rocky acres into your new life, wherever that is.

  7. Jordan, I can't say it any better than anyone else did. You go, girl! It's your life.

  8. You've made most of your dreams come true. You are my idol!! Even if they weren't long lasting you still made them come true for yourself and that is something most of us can't say. It's your life to do as you please and I enjoy reading all about it whether you homestead or travel the world or whatever.

  9. My word, if you said you wanted purple hair, dyed it, and then decided you were more of a blue person, what's the difference??
    So you want to do some homesteading things. Some of them you have TOTALLY you toss what you don't want to do and keep the others. You had an adventure and you've got an idea of where you want to go from here. More power to you!!