Monday, October 25, 2010


Mom wanted to taste a local specialty, cider donuts.  So the other weekend, we went to a local apple orchard to get the things from the horse's mouth, so to speak.  The donuts were OK.  I'm not sure what everybody thinks is so special about cider donuts, because they just taste like donuts to me.  But it was nice to do leisurely things off the ranch for an afternoon.

We stopped for a moment at the pumpkin patch, where we noticed an odd thing.  No stems, leaves, or anything attaching the pumpkins to the ground.  In a CSI detective moment, we realized that these pumpkins were probably trucked in instead of grown here.  Doesn't bother me, but it was amusing how we had both assumed they were grown on site.

My company recently merged with another chemical company, and the VP of Global Six Sigma is coming to our plant tomorrow to meet with all of us Six Sigma types.  This merger spells opportunity for some folks, and I checked the job postings board to see what opportunity there may be for me.  There are five Master Black Belt positions around the world (Rotterdam, Houston, Germany, Australia, and Columbus, OH).  Since Master Black Belt is what I was before I stepped off the career track to live in the woods, and I'm qualified, I briefly considered throwing my hat into the ring for one of those jobs.  But I can picture it now - move somewhere interesting, like Australia, live an extremely interesting life for 1-4 years, and then want to come "home".  Still alone.  Still choosing an interesting life over what most people have.  Stability. Connection.  At least this time I can see it now, *before* I go and do something interesting.

PS: - Here's information on Six Sigma for those who have never heard of it:


  1. How did Columbus get in there...? Yes, the value of feeling connected in your community is a biggie.

    What would you do if you were only renting your land?

  2. If you want the wolds best cider donuts, go to Golden Harvest Farms in Kibderhook on Route 9. Its probably a 45 miinute drive but if you get there, the earliie than better. Good luck!

  3. Perhaps the pumpkin patch was cleaned out a bit so people didn't trip over the reasons or whatever. I DO like stems on mine, but ...