Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Craigslist Score - Luck

I'm regularly struck by how often luck plays a factor in my life, as it did this weekend.  I've been keeping my eyes open on craigslist for an interesting daybed, that would fit stylistically in my living room, allow me to still sleep in front of the woodstove, but wouldn't take up the entire room, like my mattresses have.  My decorating style sense could be called, "Salvation Army/Craiglist."  The only thing I paid full price for was the stainless steel table.  Everything else was used.  I like bold colors though.  Bland colors that "match everything" drive me nuts.

I found a great-looking, unique daybed on craigslist last week, and here's where my luck comes in.  I was not the first person in line. This is the third time that the exact same thing has happened in the last month, and I ended up with the goods in all three cases. This time, I had enough cash to pay for the item, plus about 15 dollars.  So off, I went into the wilds of central Massachusetts.

I stopped at a rest stop in MA, noticed an ATM from my bank, so got cash in addition to the other things one does at a rest stop, and went to check out the daybed.  Here it is in the space formerly occupied by a full-size mattress set:

I've got my living room back!  It's very comfortable to sleep on (with sheets and blankets of course) and has a working trundle where both pieces make a big bed, should I, ahem, want a larger bed.  It's got angle pillows and an ingenious design for a back if I want to use it as a sofa.  I recognize that many people would think it looks awful, but I like it and, hey - the 70s are chic these days!

AND - (lucky again), they offered to sell me this dresser for $40.  It's really solid and clean, with smooth-moving drawers.  I'll take it!  I'm dresser-poor these days.  Good thing I had gotten the cash.  The only thing I was worried about was how to get it into the house when I got home.

Lucky yet again, the loggers were at my place when I got back (which hardly ever happens.  The last time I saw them was, maybe Thanksgiving).  They carried the dresser in and everything is set for now.

There's a years-long process of getting settled in a new place that I'm about one year into.  Move things around, try things in different places, match the locations of stuff with activity patterns, etc, etc, etc.  For now, I like the way the living room flows.  With the mattresses out of the way, there's less pressure to get rid of them immediately.  I can use and move around the living room much better than before, which is what I was after in the first place.

Note: some other changes happen now that I've got this daybed.  The dogs are not going to be allowed on it, weaning them from sleeping with me.  And when spring comes around, I'm going to sleep upstairs in one of the bedrooms - like normal people.  I'm all about creatively solving problems, but at some point I need to be normal, too.


  1. Very neat daybed find! When the college kid comes home, I offer his twin or the sofa bed, which is a queen, I think. He has picked the queen, even though his twin mattress is nicer. By yourself you can sprawl and get comfortable. While there are benefits to having those warm, four-legged friends in on a cold winter night, for the most part, I sleep better with mine on the floor and I think they do too.
    But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dresser! I got on the local craigslist last night just to see whats there. You have inspired me with your finds. As a newly married, I went to lots of auctions with my SIL and got some good stuff. She got lots more, 'cuz she was willing to part with the dough, but for the most part, they just don't make dressers like they used to. We have some of those cheap, drawers falling apart ones. You'll be a lot happier with the vintage model. GOOD WORK!!

  2. Jordan-
    how far do you travel for a craigslist bargain??

  3. This trip was the longest yet, at 100 miles one way. Most days I skim the furniture and farm and garden listings and then go back to the front page and search for chicken coop, cider press and a few other things I'm looking for. I was searching for trundle bed and seed starting shelves, but don't need to do that anymore!

  4. Great dresser and daybed! Glad to see the kitties have put their stamp of approval on the daybed.

  5. Oh, PS - that 200 mile trip cost almost $50 in gas for the truck, so the item has to be pretty good for me to want to drive far!

  6. Hey, that plaid daybed is very schnazzy! We lived at a place once that had a hunter green plaid couch - with matching CARPET. I kid you not, our carpet was hunter green plaid. It was loads of fun to see people's reactions when they walked in the door. LOL! I think different is more interesting anyway.