Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Walk

I took a walk about the property this morning to see there are any mysterious animal tracks to photograph and try to identify (like I need more mysteries in my life!).  I didn't find very many, but I did find other things that made me want to pull out the camera and shoot.

Right-hand-side of the road approaching my house.  The previous owner planted all these evergreens along the road on one side.

Maggie and a blueberry bush.  The big one is the blueberry.  I don't know what the little evergreen is.

Another view of the approach that's less contrast-y.  I'm standing at my property line looking uphill.

The Golden Delicious apple tree to the left of another blueberry bush in front of a spruce (?).

The dogs waiting for me to come around the corner next to an evergreen and yes, another blueberry bush. Maggie on the left and Desmond on the right.

The dogs in profile, Maggie in front of Desmond. Maggie is almost 2 and Desmond is maybe 11.

Looking south at the well, sundial, McIntosh apple tree, raised beds and orchard area.  All sleeping for the winter.

And finally, some mysterious animal tracks.

And some more. I guess a little mystery isn't a bad thing.


  1. Oh, I am so jealous of your beautiful, beautiful snow. We're still surrounded by ice, ice and more ice . . . with a shallow covering of dirty snow. The lack of snow makes our cold temps feel even colder.

    Love seeing the pictures of your property and how it looks this time of year. Especially enjoy the pictures of your animules! People/animals become so much more real when you can see pictures of them.

    Beautiful scenery post.

  2. That is so beautiful! What I absolutely love about the region is that each season is beautiful in a different way.

    How did the cheese taste? Did you make a pizza?

    Guess what. I asked the cheese store if I could send a check, and if so, could they tell me the cost of shipping and tax. (The website order form didn't let me get past needing something other than Discover.) They said sure, send a check, but didn't tell me tax or shipping, so I asked again, and they still didn't say. So, I guess I will just send a check for the total of the stuff.

    And I was going to send you an e-mail with this news, but.... I just made my first effort to rent a place in upstate NY, and sell this house, and keep the one in VT. I contacted a blogger who has posted about wanting to rent space. We'll see! I want to test how the idea seems when I sleep on it, after making the effort. As you know, I was deciding something else, but I can adapt to anything, so it's hard to decide!

  3. Thanks Mama Pea - I feel the same way about seeing other bloggers' pictures, but forget when it's me doing the picture taking.

    Kate - that plan makes sense too. It's nice that you have so many options. Options are good! The cheese tasted fine, but slumped a bunch in the fridge. Maybe I need to use more rennet? I've read that it's an art, so am not surprised that the first attempt is not to-die-for. And really, we should find a cheesemaking supply store in the local area. If you're willing to drive to Ashfield, MA, that's where the NE Cheesemaking store is.

  4. Beautiful photos. We moved to North Carolina from the UP of Michigan where we got 30 feet of snow a winter. This is our first winter without snow and much warmer temps to deal with. I use to love walking in the woods in the winter in the UP of Michigan though looking for signs of life that told me spring was around the corner. From Black bear tracks to white tail deer to even mouse tracks, I did not care, it was always exciting to see after so many months of cold and quiet. It was always beautiful though!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow - North Carolina must be quite a shift from the UP! I lived in Davidson, NC for 4 years. Went to 5th and 6th grades in Davidson and 7th and 8th at Alexander Jr High, in the mid-70s, way before Davidson turned into a suburb of Charlotte. I'll probably do the same, look for signs of life, in a month or so, when temperatures turn the corner towards spring.

  6. I've been taking my camera along a lot lately. Didn't have it yesterday when I was driving to Erie and the trees were coated with ice and the sun was shining on them. It was AWESOME! Don't know that the picture would have done it justice, but I'd have tried!!
    Yours are so pretty. All the untouched is calming. Last night Hubby went to Buffalo for a hockey game and right before he got home, his SUV registered -20 !! It was -5 when I was last out and paid attention. It is up to 20 now...