Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was hoping to have something chicken-coopy to show you today, but progress has been quite slow because of a myriad of factors.  It's been more costly so far than I expected as well.  The playhouse/coop was $75, the feed and water supplies were $80+, the trip to the hardware store $55+, and there will be another hardware store trip after I get a little farther along.  I haven't even bought the hens yet.  Granted, most of this is startup cost and won't be spent again.  I guess that's one of the gifts of being a beginning homesteader - every project is a startup project.

Here's a picture of Sparky in the tinder tote, warming his face.


  1. LOL! Sparky looks like he's in heaven.

  2. I look like that sometimes when I'm close to the fire... purrrr contentment!
    Glad the whole chicken project is coming together. Here's hoping some warmer weather is headed our way. Sometimes you have a chance to just 'take it off your hands' with some of the elements of a project and that is always bonus ...and you realize it more when you have to buy things, what some sharing, trading or just finding has saved you. So, I'll have to wait til next weekend for the continuing chicken adventure!! Of course, there will be more adventures while we wait for the chicken arrival 'cuz its never a dull moment on Jordan's Chicken Ranch!!

  3. I think those homesteading projects always end up being more expensive than you think (like when I decided to have a container garden last year. Dirt was expensive!)
    And that is such a precious kitty picture! I love it!

  4. Of course the money spent is worth it! I just keep on calculating how far out the payback period is getting, farther and farther the more I spend! With what I've spent so far, the payback is >90 dozen eggs.