Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Winter Looks Like

Here's what my place looked like this morning (today is trash day).  It breaks my heart to leave the dogs outside, but it's 12 degrees, which is positively balmy compared to a few days ago.  Plus, they have shelter on the porch from the wind, a wool blanket (and a pink polyester sleeping bag) and water.  I've been assured that they're fine.

I'm using wood a lot faster than I expected.  I've already used up 1/3 of the wood in the woodshed.  At this rate, I'll break into the extra cord I have out front in about 6 weeks.  Next year, I think I'll put away one more cord than this year, 3 cords, minimum.  I'm not sure why the wood is going so fast.  My only thought is that somehow the stove is not airtight any more and too much air is getting in, making the wood burn faster.  Maybe gaskets need to be replaced?  I had the stove company come out last year to clean the chimney and they tried to sell me a new stove - so I don't trust them to give me an honest answer.

It's all over the news that this winter is on track to be the coldest winter in 25 years.  They highlighted Fulton, NY, near Syracuse - which has had 5 feet of snow in the last 2 weeks!  You know - one of my considerations when I decided to buy this place near Albany, NY is that global warming means it would only get warmer.  Hm.  Not happening.  Hm.

I've decided that it's time to personalize this anonymous black truck with some kind of bumper sticker, probably on the back window.  Anybody have any good suggestions?

I'm going to post again  today, with a picture or two of spring.  It's a little early to be desperate for spring, especially since the snow is still white and pretty.  But I have lots of spring pictures.  I'll just post more later, when I do get desperate!

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  1. How about I BRAKE FOR GOATS... or I BREAK FOR GOATS!!
    I do like LIFE IS GOOD..and I think it is for celebrate!!
    No, I think it might have to be a goat thing...