Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Look at all this wintery wonderfullness.  Here's the view out the kitchen window this morning (after it got light).  It's been snowing all day, so there's probably much more wonderfullness on the ground now.


  1. Beautiful!!

    Jordan, how long have you had two vehicles? Car first, then truck? After you got the place in NY?

    Just curious. I know Jenna has two vehicles too, car and truck.

  2. I had the car when I lived in Wash DC, for which it is the perfect car. Got it in 2004. Got the truck when I got here and realized I needed 4WD - and got it big so that I can eventually haul goats. If I had a truck with better gas mileage, I don't think I'd need a car at all.

  3. Did you get a good deal? Used?

    I wonder about a second vehicle, but probably most often about getting a camper van, possibly selling one of my two places and taking months off to travel in the van with my dog. (I am constantly dreaming!)

    But then I wonder about depreciation, etc., and if it would be better to rent for the times I might do that. Insurance adds up too.

    I had the same reasoning with possibly getting a truck. But I don't have the 4WD drive issues you have on a daily basis. Most often I can choose to stay put when the weather is bad and wait for it to pass.

  4. Wanna send some of your wonderfulness (snow) our way? We have a little covering (not much) but ice, ice, ice everywhere! It's truly dangerous to go out, either driving or walking. We need about a foot of snow to give us some traction. (Never satisfied, are we?)

  5. Mama Pea - aren't you where it's really, really cold now?? I've been to southern MN in the summer when it's really, really hot. MN seems very ... extreme.

    Kate - hm - I bought the truck for Blue Blook after it was 4 years old and 100k miles, ie 2/3 depreciated. If I was in your situation I would consider buying (not renting) maybe a whole RV and hauling your car behind it. Although, it would be a good idea to rent for a while first to see if you like the life. It was my dream once to be able to work from anywhere and travel the country in an RV.

    Jennifer - thank goodness the snow is still white and beautiful!