Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Caprese Salad

Google images displays some of the myriad ways one can make Caprese salad.  Three simple ingredients, mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil.  Yet, so varied in presentation.  But, oh, there's two things they all have in common.  The tomatoes are round and the mozzarella is round.  What am I doing wrong??  My mozzarella can't hold it's roundness!  My mozzarella is flat.

OK, OK - on the grand scale of things to get worked up about, this one is small.  Gotta figure it out though, because when I move on to the next thing to learn, I'm not going to come back.  Gotta figure it out, say in the next gallon of milk-to-cheese.  Must. Watch. More. Videos.


  1. The mozzarella with the new milk went flat too?

    I love mysteries. So do you!

    But you have waaaaaaay more spunk for it. I would have taken at least three weeks to try three batches of mozzarella, but you want to get it right!

    It's really nice to follow the story!

    When I start making mozzarella I will use Jordan's Method. Seriously.

  2. how about suspended in a bag until firm, will it hold a roundish shape?? I really know NOTHING about cheese, except that I like to eat it and I eat a lot...
    Maybe I'll have to google around a bit and see what I see.