Friday, January 15, 2010

Walking in the Snow

The drive into work has gotten so much more interesting now that there's snow on the ground.  I have to concentrate on maintaining speed and direction at the same time my head is swiveling this way and that checking out all the animal tracks.  I was steaming down the hill this morning and glanced off to the left to see these tracks.  I screeched to stop (actually slid), backed up and took this picture.  The shot of the animal tracks isn't that great, because I didn't want to get my dainty feet wet.  Really I wanted to show you that this animal, whatever it is, isn't trespassing on my property.  They're close though (I think this sign is the edge).

This is the old road that my house faces.  Two hundred years later, it just looks wierd that I go in and out of the back of my house, while the front porch faces nothing.  Good thing nobody cares.


  1. I was at my place in Vermont today..... had to get some estimates. Snow was deep, and animal tracks were interesting and calling me to follow!!

    One of the "estimators" for my little cabin place and 3 acres had stopped by ahead of time to totally clear my driveway, and clear off my front open porch/deck. And another of the estimators told me he was going to do that -- and I said it was already done!

    Rural America is soooo interesting this way. My first estimator was on my "call list" because he had already drug me off an icy hill where I got stuck, and already fixed a storm window flapping in the wind when I was away. So.... of course when I need an estimate.... and then what does he do? Dig out my driveway, all the way up to the front door!!

    I don't think rural America will ever let this city girl get caught up!

  2. Sometimes the whole small-town thing is neat, where guys just take care of single women who they think need taking care of!

  3. I wish I knew, Jordan.

    But I learned a lot when my third estimator came early, hoping he'd reach the guy who cleared my place of snow. (He knew he was coming.) He wanted to talk to him because he heard his girl friend had a relapse of cancer and wanted to find out how bad it was.

    It makes people feel more real to me, and I have new brothers and a sister I haven't met.

    But small towns in the country have a lot more of this, a lot faster communicated, than the city I am used to.

  4. I live by a lake and I don't have a means to go on the lake much. Most of the houses in the 5 miles around it all face the lake, so on those occasions that I do get a boat ride, it is sometimes hard to tell what house is what, because I only see them from the back when I go by!! Our house is up with trees blocking the lake view. Although we face the road, all the deck and seating is on the back. Not much is set up to enjoy the front yard.