Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Wayback

Here I am in, probably 1988 with my 1973 Caprice Classic convertible.  I was on an outing with my college sweetheart when he visited me, after we had broken up.  We were deciding whether or not to get back together.  We didn't, and he met his wife shortly after this visit.  Now he's a software engineer in Boca Raton and has 3 kids.  He's extremely stable.  When I knew him, I thought that stability was boring, but he's had a family for 20 years and I haven't.  I don't really "do" regret, but there's something I feel when I look at this picture, when everything was so full of possibility and carefree. Something about choices not taken.  I can't put a name on it and I don't think I want to.


  1. My English teacher in high school was working on his masters and did a 8mm movie with some of us in it one Saturday. His kid found the movie, edited it for youtube, and it re-surfaced a year or 2 ago. Flashback..
    We got pretty good at smoke bombs that day!!

  2. I hear you, Jordan. I had a very similar view about stability then, graduating from college. (Dull and boring.) Looks a little different now.

  3. Oh trust me - I've made similar decisions in my life that I look back at now and wonder what would be different if I had turned left instead of right!