Saturday, January 23, 2010

Year Over Year

I'm at the beginning of what I expect will be a very fun weekend, and an opportunity to reconnect with where I was last year and marvel at the difference between last year and this year.  I've written before about the physical differences (ie, I can start a fire now and I couldn't do that last year.  My house is around 70 degrees this year and it was at 58 last year). What I haven't written about, because I didn't know, is how my thought patterns have evolved in the last year. I'm repeating a weekend thing that I did last year - and the differences between me now and me last year are really striking to me.  I need to absorb it and think about it a bit before I write about that more.  I'm also catching up with a friend this weekend, who knows a lot more than me about animals.  Even the questions I'm asking her are different than last year. Striking.

I can't bear to post a post without including a picture, so here's one from earlier this year of a butterfly in the comfrey.  Then I pull back to show the entire comfrey field.

There's this huge area plus two other smaller areas.  I've read that comfrey is very useful, but extremely hard to get rid of.  Looks like I would be well-suited to figure out if there's an income stream from it.

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