Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Monday

I like writing chirpy, upbeat posts. I have fun doing it and I think you folks have fun reading them.  But I can't think of anything chirpy to say right now.  I'm not feeling chirpy.  It being the depths of dark, cold February and a Monday to boot have a lot to do with that. 

Yesterday afternoon I felt cheated.  Like, "how can the weekend be ending already, I'm only just beginning to get anything done."  I gave away my Saturday to socialize and have fun (and yup, it was fun).  But that was 50% of my entire free time for the week!  That was costly.  The yearning to stay home and work here for another day is so strong it's an ache.  But duty calls and I must go.

Then this morning, the weather man showed a thin band of lake effect snow going across the entire state and landing right on top of my place.  I pooh poohed it since the weekend was so sunny and dry.  But what do ya think I saw when I looked out the window - falling fast and hard ...
I had to drive the truck (which is worrisome since I have an appointment for the car tomorrow that I can't decide whether or not to cancel). And I had to drive it in 4WD since so much snow had fallen so fast, I was making trails for the first 5 miles.  Then for the next 5 miles the roads were slushy.  Of course it's sunny, dry and clear down here at work.  Figures.

The snow was falling so fast that Desmond, on the left, who doesn't move very fast, was getting covered.  This is 2-3 minutes worth of snow accumulation.  Maggie on the right moves a little faster, so she's still a black dog.  Happy Monday all.  The best thing I can say about this is that soon it will be Tuesday.


  1. The weather gods seem to be working against you lately. Trying to get anything done outside in the winter time is frustrating . . . at best. But we all seem to get caught having to do it, at least every once in a while. Good luck this week . . . I'll be lending my support over the miles.

    Hope you got Desmond inside before you lost him in the snow.

  2. If I didn't have the occasional sucky day, it would be harder to appreciate the good ones.

  3. Mama Pea - I'm assuming Chicken Mama has told you that she's long-distance helping me with the chicken coop? Big Help!! Also - I've been being thankful that I don't have goats now! Outside chores in -10 degree weather = no fun.

    Linda - so true, so true!

  4. I suppose it's a good thing you're building the chicken coop on the porch! Think how much worse it would be if you were trying to do it outside!

  5. Yup, and Chicken Mama is more than happy to be of any help she can!

    I'll never forget how cracked and chapped my hands were every winter all the years we had our dairy goats. Even though we took warm water out in the bucket to wash the goats' udders, it didn't stay warm for long in -20° weather. And milking with your choppers on just never worked.

  6. Oh Mama Pea - you have to write about your dairy goat experience! How many, how long, what did you do with the milk, and lastly - why did you get rid of them? Inquiring minds want to know!!