Saturday, February 6, 2010

Got 'Em

The dogs are VERY excited, and so are the cats.
I over-engineered some things, but this door is not one of them.  I am pretty sure it won't withstand the onslaught of some excited dogs. And it's 9 degrees outside right now.  Wonderful.


  1. What a great job you did. And now you'll have your own eggs! I'm excited for you. Be sure to post a picture of the first one. Ones?

  2. Hey, that looks pretty good!
    Hmm... Looking at the door, have you thought about attaching it on the outside on top of that plastic "doorframe" thing? That way you could get the door itself to cover all the way around - like when it's closed it would rest against that plastic doorframe? Does that make sense? Anyway, it looks way cool, especially with the chickens inside. Good work!

  3. Oh yeah - like make a bigger door. That makes too much sense and would totally make the door more solid. Thanks for the suggestion!