Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My First Three-fer

I came home after a harrowing ride home to three eggs in the nesting box.  Actually yesterday was a four-fer since I got one in the morning as well.  And one this morning too, although I'll give that one to today.

It was a slippery, slide-y, long ride home last night because it was snowing so fast that plows couldn't keep up.  There was a long train of cars going 15-20 miles an hour.  At two points on the ride, different car in front of me couldn't get up a hill.  I was extremely worried about MY hill, since it's much steeper than those baby hills that stopped cars cold.  But it turned out fine - the problem was compressed snow from multiple cars making the whole thing slick.  Since I was the first vehicle going up my hill, it was easy, relatively speaking.  And it was plowed recently - what luck.
Maybe 18 inches yesterday and another 4 inches overnight.  Good thing I brought my work laptop home.  Looks like I'm in for a while.


  1. Go ahead. Rub it in. We used to get snow. We live in Minnesota. We're supposed to get snow. Have we had a snowstorm this winter? Have we had a decent snow fall this winter? The snow gods have forgotten us. Sigh. We have snow envy.

  2. This storm is freaky, because the snow is very heavy and wet. You hear loud popping sounds, with some more like cannons -- hearing them right now! Sometimes tree limbs, sometimes snow falling from the limbs in big lumps.

    Earlier, about 5 a.m., a huge limb on my magnolia tree came crashing down, taking the power line with it, onto my neighbor's driveway, just missing their car. But still have power here!

    And it's only just starting. There will be a WILD ride through this, the rest of the week. In my postage size city lot, there are five huge trees. More snow coming, and rain.

  3. Kate - I didn't know there were magnolias around here! I love how they smell!

    I thought it would be safe to buy property on a mountain since global warming means it will get warmer and eventually this place will be a paradise. But what's really going to happen is that storms will get stronger, so eventually this place will be buried under yards of snow. Hm. At least it's 30 degrees and not 2 degrees like in MN! It is supposed to rain later, but I'm expecting it to be snow up here on the mountain.

  4. Jordan - how far are you from Ithaca? I'm looking into going to a conference at Cornell from June 1-10. It'd be great to visit the 'stead.

  5. Holy moly, Rocky! That IS some snow! How fun! Do you have munchies? Some good wine? If so, LET IT SNOW! Enjoy! :)

  6. That would be great! I'm about 3-1/2 hours from Ithaca. If you fly in and out of Syracuse, I'm about 2-1/2 hours from there. For reference, I'm 45 minutes away from the Albany airport or 1/2 hr from downtown Albany. Hope it works out!

  7. If you don't mind, please keep that snow until the weekend. I'm not really ready for it yet. But, hey, what's a ton of snow around here?? Just gotta pick up my extra gallon of milk and then snuggle down. Guess I need the weather channel update.
    yes, you do need snacks and beverage, but you have that hot little red stove and maybe a little leftover cheese!!!