Monday, February 8, 2010

What the Chickens Do

Well, they don't lay eggs ... yet.

This morning I did my regular getting ready for work routine, and then after I started up the car to let it warm up, I came back to the house and put cedar shavings in the playhouse/chicken coop and some food as well.  I've decided to keep all the porch doors closed (so if Desmond, my older dog who doesn't like the dog door, wants to go out, he'll either have to hold it in or use the dog door), but allow the dogs to be on the porch.  I raised the blankets to give the chickies some natural light.  Then I drove to work and started my normal Monday morning work routine.

Sitting at my desk, I look across the room to see cedar shavings all over my scarf, and notice them all over other parts of my clothing.  Everywhere.  Hm.  So this is what chickens do.  Make it obvious to everyone that I'm a farm girl.  Maybe my coworkers will give me credit for at least trying to look nice while pieces of the homestead follow and cling to me everywhere. Or maybe they'll let me off the hook when I start bringing eggs to work!


  1. Jordan-
    Yeah, I think it's a bit like a new mom always having baby spit on her! And I think you accessorize well with the shavings! Nasty cold weekend, hope everyone is staying toasty and warm. I tried to stay in as much as possible.

  2. Some folks just bring dog or cat fur on the seat of their pants to work; you are more unique: cedar shavings brush off more easily anyway.

    I'm following your chicken/playhouse project with great interest. As I'd mentioned in one of my previous comments last Friday, I'd like to do the same. All weekend, everytime I looked out my kitchen window, all I could see was the empty playhouse and how much promise it holds. I'll have to keep mine in a run though - too many cats and racoons in the neighborhood.

    Have a great rest o' the day. Cheers ~

  3. I think long-term, this might not be a great coop for more than a few birds. But short-term it does just the trick!

    Karen Sue - I don't know what they mean about April being the cruelest month. It's really February!

  4. Being from this region of New York, I always find March the hardest. We always seem to get a massive snowstorm after the beautiful tiny crocus comes out during a warmer spell.

  5. Yeah, Kate, I bet we do get slammed in March with all the snow we haven't gotten so far. I just wish the temperature would hit *average*, which =31 degrees now. This 17-20 degree crap is for the birds.

  6. Hah! Cedar shavings! Is that all??? Wait till they poop on THAT's love!

  7. Conny-
    We put up one of those nice heavy-duty wooden swingset things and my kids really never got into it. The youngest is 12 and... Hey, don't you think with a little tweaking and some boards and plywood they would have the most awesome chicken gym!! Jordan, drive over and we'll figure out how to get it into you truck!! You're chickens should have this!!

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