Saturday, February 13, 2010

I WAS Going to Get a Lot Done Today

Today started off with such promise!  A sunrise, a whiff of accomplishment, and off I went!  I put 2-1/2 pounds of beef jerky into the dehydrator, sewed three buttons back onto a sweater, tasted the hard cider and determined that today is going to be bottling day.  But first, I'm going to go find the goat dairy in Vermont and find the cow dairy on the way to finding the goat dairy.

Five gallons of raw milk in the car later (3 cow, 2 goat) and visions of cheesemaking dancing in my head, I returned from the dairies, ready to bottle the hard cider.  I read the directions on how to sterilize the bottles, looked for the materials to sterilize and realize that I don't have them.  OK.  Guess I have to get that stuff tomorrow.  Now, on to the cheesemaking.  What I really want to make is Muenster, my favorite cheese.  Read the directions, look for the cultures and realize that I don't have the right cultures.  Rats.

Right about now, my great accomplishment day is slowly coming to a screeching halt. I think I have the materials to make goat cheese.  What I really want to make is herbed goat cheese.  Oh.  You guessed it.  I don't have the right herbs.

I'm not sure what I can salvage in my big getting-things-done day.  It's beginning to look like what I'm going to get done today is a beer, some corned beef from the slow cooker, potatoes cooked in cultured butter, homemade bread and a Netflix movie.  That's accomplishment enough ... I suppose.  Oh, and I got another egg today.  It's so old hat by now (!!) that I didn't bother to take a picture of it.  Look at me being an old hat at owning chickens!  Hard to believe I've had them exactly a week, to the minute!


  1. Welcome to homesteading...we all have those days!

  2. Beer, corned beef, potatoes, homemade bread, and a movie, and an egg -- and you're complaining?

    (Just teasing.)

    I had a beer, but your version sounds better.

  3. Hm, caught complaining again! I WAS planning on writing a post about how much I got done and when I realized I had nothing to write - I decided to write about getting nothing done. Waaah waah.

    Kate - are you getting up to the cabin these days?

  4. Nope, not getting there much. Too busy in NY, and it's been too cold lately to go to an unheated cabin. Last year, there were some warm periods in the winter, but not this year. I hope to make a decision about heating it this year.

    And now I am waiting for deliveries in NY, where I have a big front porch. Trees, bushes, plants, seed, etc. I use a P.O. Box in VT, and I'm not there to get things.

  5. I have those days where I don't have the stuff to do what I want and then those days where I just putter around in circles and don't get much done...hey, at least you made a valient effort!! I think you did OK. Today for me is a walk, then a wait, then the braces-off dentist for my sr girl woohoo, then home, then an early BBall game an hour away, then home again. A very broken up day. And I can just waste so much time on days like this...