Friday, February 19, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

I got 3 eggs yesterday, but broke 2 of them in retrieval, like this one where I used the crowbar as an arm extension to the way back corner of the playhouse.  Then I dropped the egg on the water bowl on its way out. I know.  Using a crowbar to retrieve an egg.  What gives?  I scrambled one of the broken ones as part of dinner. It was the highlight of dinner.
Random chicken questions:
- Do the same birds lay the same-looking eggs?  As in, is it one hen that's been giving me these speckled eggs and another one that's been giving me the striped ones?
- How would I know if an egg was frozen?  Would all frozen eggs be broken?  Does it matter?  As in, can I eat it anyway?

It's going to be a very busy weekend this weekend, but probably exhilarating.  I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Do tell, what is happening this weekend???

    And yes, certain chickens lay "recognizable" eggs. It has to be REALLY cold for eggs to freeze, and then they are often broken when you find them. I've eaten everything else short of broken and I'm still here to tell you about it...

  2. Eggselent! I have saved even the eggs I thought were frozen, so ... yay.

    It looks like Sunday's going to fall through, so this weekend got 50% less busy than I expected. No worries - I need to build something to give the chickies more space. My new plan for Sunday...

  3. My brother has only two hens; one lays brown eggs, the other lays green.

    Funny, the placement of the egg on the newspaper - was it intentional? The "fall" and rise of an Olympian?

    Good luck this weekend. Pictures to follow of the expanded chicken playground? Hopefully so.
    Cheers ~

  4. I concur, chickens lay recognizable eggs and my chicken reference book backs me up. Apparently egg shape, color and size are all heritable traits. As for eating eggs so frozen they've cracked--I've been eating those all winter after a rinse under warm water. I sell the perfect eggs and keep the 'rejects', like the cracked frozen ones, for myself and my family. We're all here to tell the tale!

  5. Good to hear, anon! More eggs for me and less for the dogs!

    No Conny - it wasn't intentional, but maybe it was subconscious. I did move the egg around a bit to get the right angle. Pictures - you got it - when I make the Chicken Taj ... better.