Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is Hilarious!

I put a leash on Maggie to better be able to control her when we go outside.  For last night and today, I'll go out with the dogs when they go out - yay (not.  It's 2 degrees right now).  It's easier to leave the leash on Maggie rather that put it on every time.  I can physically show her how she's supposed to act around the chickens.  It worked with the cats, so I'm going to do it again, to try and teach her how to behave around the chickens.

What's hilarious?  Pancho loves to chase the leash.  He's running around behind Maggie, tackling the leash.  Maggie came over to me with an expression like, "Mommy, make it stop."  I got a real belly laugh out of it!

One helpful thing that Maggie does is clean off the front half of the kitchen counters if I forget to move things back to the back half.  What's in front of her back legs on the rug, are eggshells from this morning.  I'll clean it up today (yes, I'm lazy).  I've got area rugs down because my elder dog, Desmond, can't walk very well on slippery surfaces.  See how good of a mommy I am?

I've got blankets over the chicken coop, covering all the windows and the porch doors are all closed to keep the wind out.  What am I supposed to do when I have to go to work and it's still cold, cold, cold?  Leave the blankets on all day?  Take them off when it's still cold and windy?


  1. I laughed out loud when this picture popped up on the screen. The only thing funnier would be a video of Maggie trotting around pulling Pancho along the floor hanging on to the leash for dear life.

  2. Are you gonna do a post about getting the chickens home, introducing them to the coop, etc., etc.? I'd love to read it! :)