Monday, August 23, 2010

Being Quiet

When I thought about starting this blog a little over a year ago, I didn't want to start it until I knew I would post close to every day.  I've kept up with that.  When a lot is going on I've posted multiple times in a day - but I've mostly always posted daily.  But this past weekend found me with absolutely no desire to blog. No oomph to have my voice heard in the internet realm.  I didn't sit still though.  I ran errands and did social things on Saturday, and puttered around the house and put food by on Sunday. 

It's much quieter around the house now that Bo is gone.  I don't have to be alert for catastrophe every second.  Sparky the cat happily came out of hiding as soon as I came home with an empty car.  The chickens, who had stopped laying, have begun to make a few more eggs.

Losing the goats has left a big hole.  There's more time in every day than before, and more time available in my future plans than before.  It doesn't feel good, but I can't deny that more time is a good thing.  I've revisited plans I turned down or curtailed and realized that I can be away from the house longer than before.  That will come in handy when I meet my father in "the city" for a day this weekend.

There is a court date set for Wednesday when I will do my absolute best to make sure I don't ever see the neighbor's dog again.  The hearing is to determine whether the dog is "dangerous" or not.  I've done a tiny bit of research and it appears that NY has left it to the municipalities to set dog laws and my town doesn't have a leash law.  I'm probably wrong, but it's possible that the only way I can get her to control her dog is to get it declared a "dangerous dog," which is what I hope to do.  The law says killing farm animals is enough to qualify.  I think the neighbor hasn't been at her house since Tuesday.

It was a dark, rainy and windy day yesterday, it seems the first this summer.  It was really nice to stay inside and do inside things without guilt about missing sunlight.  And this morning when I drove down to work, I saw a tree down  over the neighbor's driveway.  Seems like she's having a bad spell, too!

PS - If the dog is declared a dangerous dog, then the judge has several options.  Likely, he will tell her to keep the dog confined, but he could also tell her to carry an insurance policy on the dog, or he could require that the dog be evaluated.  I'll let you know - but in any case, I seriously doubt the dog will be put down.


  1. Good to see your new post, Jordan. I think there are times when we just need to draw inward, when it seems right to not put ourselves "out there." So your lack of desire to blog is totally understandable. 'Course, those of us who care about you have probably had (I know I have) a few moments of wondering if you're okay. :o) Glad to hear that you're doing what needs to be done to take care of yourself and your critters.

  2. Jordan,

    As a life long NYer, dog lover, and lawyer, here is my cheap bit of advice:

    1. Show up for the hearing as the victim and be clear about what you want. Your voice will matter.

    2. MANY communities have either a leash law OR the dog has to be under someone's control. It's so easy for you to show the owner was absent, so there was no control.

    Courts often care about restitution -- i.e. making things right for you. So, again, be clear about what you want. Price new goats, price (dog proof) fencing, and come in to court with that in case it matters. (The criminal court can't do much about how bad it feels.) The court might not be able to help under the particular law, but the owner will be there, and you will have a chance to clear it up, and the court might react to that.

    I think it's likely the court will do the lowest thing the law says for the owner, but want you to be reasonably taken care of.

    I could be totally wrong about that.


  3. I just started following your blog, and I'm sadden that I found it at such a tough time for you. I can't imagine the pain you're going through, but I wish you the best. And hopefully, the court will be fully on your side. I have a neighbor who also lets their dogs run lose, and they will come into my yard and I've had them bark at me when I'm in MY yard, not near theirs! People need to learn to control their animals properly. I hope your neighbor learns this.

  4. Thanks Mama Pea - I like the term "drawing inward." I think it fits here.

    Thanks for the advice Kate.

    Kaytee - welcome to the blog and thanks for reading. It never really bothered me before, but I guess I've just turned into one of those people that can't stand loose dogs!