Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bye Bo

He's going to go back to the rescue organization.

He's a really great dog, but he developed an unhealthy interest in the chickens yesterday.  He almost broke the door of the chicken coop trying to get in, and I had to put him back on leash to control him.

On Tuesday morning, when I was maximally upset about the goats, Bo chased the cat into the roughage and I didn't see the cat for the rest of the day.  I spent Tuesday worrying about the neighbor and worrying that Bo had hurt the cat.  In my head I started to tie Bo together with the bad stuff going on, (even though he had nothing to do with it) and decided to take him back.  Then the cat showed up for dinner, I changed my mind and decided to give him another chance.

But after yesterday and the chicken incident, it's clear that Bo can't live here.  This morning I went to feed the chickens and brought Bo with me (on leash).  I had to bring him because he's jumped through screened windows twice when I try to keep him inside.  A hen got out.  Bo was under control because I had him on a leash, but Maggie got excited and started to go after the chicken.  I called Maggie off and ... she listened and left the chicken alone.  That's the kind of dog I need.  Interested, but still able to listen to the boss.  Bo is uncallable with the cat and with the chickens, but comes promptly otherwise.

It's OK.  This rescue organization will keep trying to adopt him out until they succeed.  He will be loved.


  1. Bo does sound like a good dog, but when a dog hasn't been raised around farm type animals it's hard to make them understand that the chickens, cats, etc. are not big, fun squeaky toys for their own pleasure. There's especially something about chickens that brings out the worst (at least to us humans!) in dogs.

    I think you made a very wise decision for Bo's happiness. He will find just the right home for his personality, wants and needs. And you sure as heck don't need to have to deal with any hassles right now. Good decision!

  2. You've made a hard but good decision. You would be constantly on the lookout for trouble. It has been probably close to five years since my sheep were attacked and killed. To this day I am still known to run out in the middle of the night in my pj's, robe and wellies with the spotlight ready to take on anything that is threatening the sheep and llamas. I know that the llamas are there to take care of that sort of thing but still....once a "mother" always a "mother".

    What happened to the neighbor's dog?

  3. What you need is a puppy! Just kidding...

  4. Sometimes pets need a different family and knowing when that is makes you a great pet owner. He sounds like a wonderful dog just needs a different home.

  5. He needs a chicken-less home, you need less stress. It's the right decision. I am sure Maggie will be fine without him and I am SURE Sparky will!

  6. I struggled with dog decisions earlier this summer after taking in a rescued Great Pyrenees. I hoped she would follow the lead of the one we already had, but instead we had several stressful events and after a month of trying to re-train, I concluded she couldn't be a farm dog after all.She's happy in a great home now.Sometimes we have to make hard decisions for the good of every living creature we are responsible for. Don't be discouraged. It's all part of the learning process.

  7. It's SO much calmer now that Bo is gone! For the last few days, I had to keep a leash on him almost 100% of the time. I gave him multiple chances every day to show that he can behave around the chickens, and when he started running around the coop and barking, I could step on the leash to get control of him. I think there's more risk taking in a rescue dog. But I'm happy that at least this rescue org will take dogs back that don't fit.