Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Upstate New York Goats For Hire

The goats are attacking their job with gusto. 

I'm really happy with how the training for the goats (and me) is going.  They are acclimated to eating all different types of stuff.  They are portable electric fence trained.  They are leash trained.  Whenever I put them in a new area, they just stick their face in something and start eating.  You can see one of the goats bringing a branch down to get at the good stuff.

I wanna try and get them a paying gig sometime this year.  Some minor job where I can practice setting up the fence, and loading and unloading the goats into an area that's more than a short walk away.  I'm thinking that if it's close enough, I'd like to transport them to and from the job every day to make sure they're safe at night.  I'd like to get some nominal money from it, mostly so that I can show that I'm making progress, that I've actually made money and so that I can start expensing some of these start-up expenditures on my taxes.  It'll put me in a better place for next year when I'll want to ramp up a bit.  I drive right by a few fire department folks' houses, and I'm thinking of asking one of them if I could try it for a few days at one of their places.  The only problem with that idea is that their places look so nice and neat!

I'm pushing it quite a bit with the title of this post, but I want to see what kind of hits I get from search engines.  I already get hits from search engines about "what can goats eat," or, "can goats eat ... (something)."  I'm far from an expert, but it points out how public this is, and how I have the opportunity to provide useful information as I learn it.

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