Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Week Trial

This is Beau in the center (I think I'll change his name to Bo), Desmond and Maggie on both sides.

Bo is about the same size and color as Maggie, but he's wider and his eyes are wider-set and darker.  He's a Newfoundland mixed with something small.  Webbed feet, love of water and extremely well-mannered and smart.  And house trained.

And he plays!  He plays rough.  Here he is behind Maggie.

He's met the chickens and the goats and the cat and there aren't any red flags outside of the normal getting-to-know you stuff, ... so far.  Right now I'm at work, the dogs are outside, and he's in a crate on the porch.  It broke my heart, but it's the best way to make sure he doesn't damage any property or animals while I'm gone.  He's on trial.  If he fits in well, he can stay.


  1. Is that mild trepidation I see in Desmond's eyes in the top photo? "Darn youngsters..."

  2. Man, it's going to get crowded in the kitchen! He's a handsome devil - that should keep Maggie on her toes. How has Desmond taken to the new arrival?