Saturday, August 7, 2010

The World Tilts, Then Straightens, Then Tilts Again

I always feel a little uneasy when stuff isn't right, like the world is tilted a bit. 

For the last month, my water has been surging, as a valve clicks the water pump on and off, on and off, on and off.  After dark, my lights would flicker with the water pump, and I was worried that the problem might have an electrical basis with my small electrical box loaded up with an electric water heater on top of all the other stuff, and worried about the cost of a fix.  Earlier this week Susan wrote a blog post in which she wrote about getting help for a nonworking water pump, and I jumped on this man (figuratively!).  He fixed my surging water, and charged me .... $43.  My world straightened out.

He also showed me how to turn the water off to the house if something ever springs a leak.  My world straightened some more.  (Can you believe that I lived here for almost 2 years without knowing how to turn off the water???  I had been in South Carolina for only 5 months when a pipe froze, causing a fountain in my back yard.  I didn't know how to turn off the water then, either.  Amazing how much not-knowing I'm comfortable with now.  Or not-so-comfortable.  My world has been a little tilted for years now, a constant, small level of unease that if a pipe freezes here in the frozen north, I'd be Out. Of. Luck.)  See how much this guy rocked my world?  (in a taking care of my house kind of way, that is.)

Anyway, as if the fates had decided my world needs to be a little off-kilter, the electronic brain of my stove broke less than an hour after water guy left.  I can use the top of the stove, 'cause I've got matches to light the gas, just like old-timey people did.  But the pot roast I bought last week and was looking forward to cooking today will have to go in the freezer for a later date.  At least until after Tuesday when hopefully, Sears will fix it. (The stove, that is.  Not the pot roast.  I'll have to fix the pot roast.)

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  1. How irritating about the stove! One does expect Brand New Things to last a bit longer before they start to crap out on you :( At least it's still under warranty. Helps with the money, but it doesn't do much for the pot roast!