Friday, August 13, 2010

The Food Post

Once again, a week has gone by with me in full speed ahead mode.  Every evening this week has been filled with something time-consuming I HAD to get done, until last night.  Last night I did a little catching up and a little relaxing and went to bed verrry early.  I feel SO much better today.

I sliced and put some cherry tomatoes into the dehydrator.

I harvested basil.  Here is a Bag 'O Basil ready to be made into pesto this weekend.  I remember buying basil in bags like this from the oriental grocery store on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland.  They were $4 for a huge bag.

And last, but not least - I made more ice cream.  Peach and cherry to add to the blueberry I made Wednesday night in anticipation of a dinner guest who ended up canceling.  This ice cream is so good that I think about it during the day.  I'm not too upset that the guest didn't end up coming to town - more ice cream for me! 


  1. Busy, busy, busy! I have been canning every night after work (and chores). It's that time of year! I *love* your ice cream collection...

  2. Those are the kind of chores I don't mind one bit - especially the making of ice cream and preparing food. I made a buttermilk berry sherbet the other night and it was sooo worth the effort! The cherry and peach ice creams - were they pureed and added to a basic vanilla recipe? Just curious because they look very delicious. Cheers ~

  3. Sue - I might invite myself over for a short canning lesson so I can do something other than dry these tomatoes!

    Conny - that sherbet sounds great! Send a link to the recipe, please! I used this recipe for food processor ice cream: , and just varied the fruit. For the blueberry, I used frozen fruit, but for the peach and cherry I made with un-frozen fruit and froze it later.