Sunday, August 8, 2010

Destroy, Destroy, Build, Build

Several things went down this weekend, and several things went up.  That's the cycle.  That's how it goes.

The old roof came off the shed and a new roof went up.  The guy who offered to do the roof regrets charging so little as the roof was several layers deeper than he thought and the job took most of two days rather than the one he was expecting.  He took it down to wood, replaced some rotted pieces, put drip edge, heavy felt paper and then shingle up.  The shed may fall down, but it won't be because the roof leaked!

The zucchini and the squash were pulled, due to a case of powdery mildew.  The cucumbers are beginning to get it and I hope, hope, hope the melons aren't affected.  That's a strong argument for not planting things as close together as I did, and not planting the cukes, zukes, melons and squash right next to each other.  From reading other bloggers, it looks like this stuff is common.  I did get plenty zukes and squash before I had to play destroyer.

It's another testament to the power of reading blogs.  I was catching up on Engineered Garden's blog, where he mentioned that he had powdery mildew - that made me look it up and that's how I realized that I had it too.

I mostly built the hay feeder and got all the pieces cut for the milking stand. Finishing the milking stand will have to wait until I can get a few things at the hardware store.  Story of my life!  This hay feeder's a bit of overkill for 2 goats, but it's the size of the panel and I won't have to build another one for quite a while as I get more goats.  This is something I think my goats need to grow into - they're not full-size yet.


  1. You're quite the inspiration--hat's off! I've been thinking about building a hay feeder for a year now and have used every excuse in the book not to build it. You've put me to shame. I guess my excuse now is that I can't build one as nice as yours! Keep it up.

  2. Well, you have some projects half-way crossed off. That's a good deal. I thought last night there are 2 painting projects I wanted to do this summer and haven't done either one, so I think I'll be picking up a gallon this week for the entry and some sandpaper to prepare the bathroom for it's paint-job! Some wallpaper paste that survived the heavy duty scrubbings I gave it before the paint job has really started to come up and I've sort of decided the right way to fix it is to sand the mess down and then prime it...