Thursday, August 26, 2010

Retail Therapy

I'm a big fan of retail therapy.  When I lived in DC and worked in Chevy Chase (for those of you unfamiliar with Chevy Chase, it's a retail hotspot in the DC metro area), it was pretty dangerous.  I had to walk through Hechts to get to the Metro stop.  Puhleese.

Now I indulge in retail therapy at a safer place, the Salvation Army.  I went today at lunch and made a major score.  It's an Armani sweater made from superfine alpaca, merino and polyamide (a fiber I'm not familiar with but it sounds chemical engineer-y.  Quick research indicates it's probably nylon.).  The sweater is super comfortable.  It's boyfriend sweater-sized and will go perfectly with jeans.

I got so excited about it, I decided to splurge and pay full price.  $3.99


  1. Wa-hoo! SCORE!! Could one of the dogs take a picture of you modeling it, please?

    We have a resale clothing shop which is part of our wonderful recycling center. (For a small town, we are blessed with having such a convenient place to dispose of almost everything without polluting the environment.) A gal who used to work for us when we had the restaurant was ALWAYS dressed as if she just stepped off a fashion runway. I could have dropped my teeth when she told me she got 95% of her clothes at the recycling store! Just shows to go ya!

  2. I love thrifting. So much fun when you find something like new and it fits! My husband thinks I'm funny. He says I bring things to the thrift shop and then I buy more and bring things home. It's good, clean, cheap fun!

  3. I've loved shopping ever since I can remember. To get the good scores, it helps to know your brands: George = Walmart, Charter Club = Macys, St Johns Bay = JC Penny, etc, etc. That way you don't end up spending $4 for a shirt that was only $9 to start with!

    I exchange clothes too! It's much harder to give away something I paid full price for, but the Salvation Army stuff - if it's not in the regular wearing rotation, back to the store it goes!