Monday, August 9, 2010

A Wild Trend in Lawn Care

Fox News blog says that using goats for lawn care is a "wild trend," here, excerpted below.

The latest trend in lawn care doesn't have four wheels. Try four legs. Across America, goats are being put to work in the backyards of homes and businesses alike, from New York to Washington and Pennsylvania to Colorado.

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Maybe it really is a trend.  The Wall Street Journal had a video on the goats at Vanderbilt Mansion August 3rd (here) and an article on it August 4th on the front page of the Personal Journal section, here.  (or maybe someone at the WSJ likes goats???)  ...  (How do I get that person's name?)

I would really like for this "wild trend" to slow down so that it doesn't jump the shark before I'm ready!


  1. Don't worry--at the frantic pace everthing's moving at these days, it will probably "jump the shark" two or three times before you're ready. Just a matter of waiting for it to come around when you're ready, like jumping on a moving merry-go-round.

  2. That would be "everything," (speaking of moving fast)...

  3. I think it is a hoot that this is "new" to so many people. When we had animals while I was a kid...our sheep free ranged the whole property (17 acres), and the cows and horses got tied out to whatever area needed "mowing". We had big thick straps my uncle got when he drove tractor trailer to the airport...only one cow had a bad habit of chewing through the straps lol

  4. How soon before you're ready to 'travel' with goats??