Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Green Merino Yarn

I have not been able to take a picture, either at home or in the office, that adequately captures the green color of this yarn. I made another 28 yards last night because now I think I want to make the below neckwarmer instead of the one I showed yesterday. (Pattern from here: , picture taken from here: No matter how many pictures I take, my yarn won't be this bright!

This Merino yarn is SOOO soft! I used to think I liked Border Leicester, but this Merino seems much softer, and I'm all about soft. Especially around my neck. It's not very lustrous though, which I'm OK with. I get that there will be no fiber that's perfect for everything.

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  1. went to a sale Halloween of my former FL neighborhood yarn shop lady. I'm making myself do a couple of sewing projects I want to Christmas gifts before I get into that yarn...I keep moving it, so I'm not looking at it. I'm really dying to try a simple scarf from 2 colors of soft...