Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekends Like This

It's weekends like this that have me feeling ... un-done. I worked really hard this weekend (comparatively speaking) but have hardly anything to show for it, except a nice sunset through one of the apple trees and orange paint all over everything, except where it should be. I took some pictures of neon pink and orange paint on my fingers, but I'll do us all a favor and not post one.

The loggers have now made FOUR breaks in the doggy invisible fence, and not all the rotating cast of characters knows to put the fence back together when they're done. Result? Maggie is thinking the fence is an optional thing, and both of the dogs went through the fence a few times this weekend, even when it was on. So I got spray paint and resolved to paint all the places where the loggers should know to put it back together at the end of the day. Note to self - spray paint does not work. Now that everything except the wire is orange and pink, I know that I'll need to tie it with bright ties instead, to make it visible to the loggers.

I bought shelves to organize the shed and the study, and moved some things around in my quest for better order here. I'll have to take one set of the shelves back for exchange, and now everything in both the study AND the shed is on the floor, and no shelves are up. I organized the shed, moved a table from the study into the shed and put it up, but it just looks wrong. I put two coats of green paint on the front door. But it looks like it really should have THREE coats, and I'm not sure it's going to be warm enough again this year to paint another coat.

Oh well. I did get the lawn cut, the ATV and the lawnmower put away for the winter, the storm windows completely on, 134 yards of yarn spun and plied, and some nice socializing done. So the weekend isn't a total loss. I'll see if I can't put some of these tasks to bed next weekend, because we all know I get jack... done during the week! Have a nice end of the weekend, everyone!


  1. Congrats!! You got TONS done! I had some running around things to do, which, also never seems to show much for the time it takes, but it all had to be done! Now tonight, after having 4 extra teen boys over last night, suspecting that Dan has mono. I'll be fighting for the first calls to the dr in the morning to get him in. I never had it, but the hubby popped out with his guess and then tonight when we were sending him to bed early, he opened his mouth and showed me his throat! YUCK!! He could have done that before..of course the weekend is always the best time to get sick. Nothing bad enough for the ER or emergy-care... just wait for the dr office to open! Glad you had a good day. The library got me for a donation of 2 pies for tuesday's dinner, but they may get Mrs. Smith's depending on how tomorrow goes.

  2. But don't you see by listing all you got done this weekend that you really DID get a lot done? (Don't take offense as this is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.) I seriously was trying to do so many things at once today that I think I worked myself right up to the edge of a panic attack. How stoopid. We've gotta learn that if we keep setting these unrealistic goals for ourselves, we're gonna . . . we're gonna . . . we're gonna ES-PLODE!

  3. I definitely felt like it's going to be the laaaast warm weekend this year, and it's getting dark soon, so I have to work really, really fast and get lots of things done! Pop! She essplodes.