Sunday, November 22, 2009

Homestead-y Saturday

This is beginning to look like it's supposed to look!  The pattern is a 6-row repeat where every row is different, so I can't knit and watch something I want to pay attention to at the same time.  But now I can tell the difference between the front and the back so if I lose my place, I can at least eliminate 50% of the possibilities right away!

I'm knitting this with my own chunky 2-ply handspun, from merino I got at Rhinebeck.  The wool is very soft and loose, which will be nice against my neck.  However - that means that this is going to eventually start looking more fuzzy than anything else.  A pattern that doesn't have all this detail would have been more appropriate.  Plus, the cables would have popped out more if the yarn were more even in thickness.  Oh well - that's what learning is, right?  Making mistakes and discovering what NOT to do again.

I've been in a very Thanksgiving mood lately.  Even though I plan to be a hermit, I'm still going to make a (little) feast.  Yesterday I made mulled apple cider (with the fresh cider from 2 weeks ago), cookies and got a headstart on some other feasty items. I've even got a turkey breast, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and green beans for the big day.  Unfortunately, even though I bought the smallest turkey breast the store sells, it won't fit into the toaster oven (which is what I'm using as an oven these days), so I'll have to be creative.  Maybe I'll split the breast and have TWO days of cooking Thanksgiving stuff!  That's one of the advantages to living by myself.  I can have Thanksgiving whenever I want! Even twice.

I also watched Food, Inc., courtesy of Netflix.   Not a movie to watch if you're trying to pay attention to which knitting row you're on!

Today, I'll take a stab at finishing the raised beds.  I had an epiphany last week about them.  Now that the grader has taken away the big rocks and most of the grass from where the beds were going to be, I won't need to make them two courses deep any more.  It's looking like the homestead will end up with FOUR 4 x 12 x 8 inches deep raised beds instead of TWO 4 x 12 x 16 inches deep beds.  I'm not positive yet that that's the way I'm going to go. Of course I'll post pictures of the finished product, if I ever finish them!


  1. You chose a VERY complicated pattern for your first knitting project. I think you're doing a fantastic job!

    Glad to see you're going to end up with four raised beds. That will give you a really nice sized garden area for next year. Wait until you get them actually built and sitting there. What fun this winter to plan what you'll plant in each one.

  2. I think 4 beds is good. I keep looking around to see where else I can plant things out of everyone's way.
    And your knitting ROCKS!! You did pick a tough one. This summer I was knitting a dishcloth with a pattern and the mature lady friend of mine who knits (she's around 95) and she told me knitting a sweater was easier than knitting that dishcloth!! I don't really think so, but at least I only screwed up a dishcloths worth with my nasty seed stitch screw-ups! It's in the sink right now, and it works OK!! I do have the yarn for a sweater, but I'm chicken to start it. Keep going. I'm lovin' the yarn, and although the pattern melts into it a bit, it is still great.
    Have you got a grill?? it's not snowing yet, so maybe cooked over an open fire is an option. We used to cook a turkey over the fire, under a metal garbage can and it was awesome! It doesn't ruin the garbage can. I have one here for my birdseed, if you want to drive over and pick it up, it's empty right now!
    Got some cranberries myself, even though I'm not sure that I'll make the cranberry relish that I want to...maybe tomorrow night, I'll hook that grinder up to my counter and grind the orange and cranberries together and smile!
    What is FOOD, INC??

  3. Karen - Food, Inc is a movie that has Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin and others talking about our food supply and how something like 90% of it comes from 5 companies. It talked about Monsanto and genetically modified seeds and how it will only be a matter of time before all of our food comes from GM seeds. It was pretty terrifying.

    PS - I'll write about it again later but I won't get 4 beds. I forgot about a big rock just under the ground. I may get 3 though! Will have to test the ground under the other bed.