Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Next Sewing Project - Gaiters

I need to make or buy a pair of these. I had snow in my boots many times last winter when I walked outside. Even though my boots go to mid-calf, the snow was higher ... so the snow won last year. They look fairly simple to make, elastic to go under the shoe, a hook to attach it to the shoelaces in front, elastic around the bottom, top and at the ankle. You can't see it in the picture, but I think there's velcro in back. They're too thin to slip on over boots. Today is Salvation Army day (80% of the store is half-price on Wednesdays), so I'll see what waterproof jackets they have for cheap. Ah, the thrill of the hunt.

It's supposed to be nice this weekend, so I may get the raised beds put together and leveled!! That will be one long-term project I can put to 'bed.' Hee hee, bad pun, I know.


  1. Will you just cut the sleeves off a jacket and go from there? My mom and aunt went to the salvie a couple of weeks ago and got a ladies Land's End parka or squall for real cheap and it had some ink marks on the front and was sort of dirty looking, but my mom did her scrubbing wonders to it and she said it was just like new!! for not much $$... don't cut the sleeves of that one!!

  2. I found a pair of young adult snow pants that will work perfectly if I cut the legs off, for $2!

  3. Gosh, I wasn't that far off when I asked if you would be making your own mukluks next!

    Talk about creative . . . you've got it goin', Girl!

  4. Jordan, if I find my extra pair of gaiters, you can have them. Keep them in your car, or something. Don't want to stop you from making some in your next project!

    By the way, I travel from Albany to SW Vermont a few times a month, and can make a detour.

    I should have looked for them before I said anything, but this is motivation to look!

  5. Hi Kate - I tried on some LLBean gaiters last winter and they were too thin for my womanly calves. Hopefully they were smalls! So don't look too hard for your extra pair, but if they happen to fall into your lap AND we happen to run into each other (you're in Albany too - cool!) - we can make a switch. Want some frozen blueberries?

  6. Blueberries! Yum!!

    I think they are large, if I remember right. It was a stupid situation where I bought some gaiters, forgetting I had some. (I don't do things like that anymore, or at least not so stupidly!)