Monday, November 9, 2009

Let's Think About Winter Some More

It's going to be near 70 degrees here today (probably not on my mountain, but close), so it's time to revisit Cindy's winter checklist.

Do I have enough food to last a few days? Check

Do I have enough wood for the stove in a convenient and dry place? Check

Do I need a better pair of boots or mits? Got 'em and made 'em

Do I have my lamps and lanterns ready? Check

I'm cheating with this lantern (it's LED, not kerosene or oil), but I figure that I've got enough things I don't know how to do going on that I deserve a break on the lantern. Do you buy that excuse? Good. I did put fresh batteries in a few flashlights. The electrician never followed up on tying my generator into the box, and now that I've spent $1800 on animals and the truck, I'll put that work off. The generator is usable right now, which is good enough.

It was cold the other night and sitting near the western wall of the house I felt a bit of a breeze coming through the wall. I think I need to pop off the molding under the window, see what's underneath and possibly fill with insulation. A few weeks ago I looked inside the switchboxes and outlets and could see right through to the outside wall of the house. Now they've got some insulation in them, too.

I still need to put plastic outside the western wall and haybales down, but that's pretty much the only winter prep item still open. Since it's warm today, I'm going to take the afternoon off work and finish building the raised beds - planning for next spring!


  1. We added some new window and did some work to the outside doors. So I think we're about ready. I just wish we had our wood burning stove hooked up to heat the house this winter. I also would like to get me a lantern like your. I could really use one when are power goes out and I need to find my way to the goat barn.

  2. Hi Kelly - I'm going to keep my eyes open to see if I can find a real kerosene or oil lantern. This one is not really bright enough for real work!

  3. Jordan, do you know the store/catalog Lehman's? It's a WONDERFUL company with TOP-NOTCH quality and would have everything you'd need, lamp- (and much more) wise!